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Over time, Google Maps has been providing accurate results. However, over time it seems like it is no longer working. It has problems across various devices, ranging from PCs to smartphones using iOS. Some of the issues encountered are: a lack of announcement of exit numbers, getting exit names wrong, and inability to center the map on locations. The most common problem is being unable to center the map on locations. Let us delve into its resolution:


There are a number of reasons why you can’t center the maps on locations: you have probably denied Google Maps access to your location in the past, or the browser that you are using probably has an error.


To center the map on your current location, you must give Google Maps permission to get where you are located. This is how to go about it:

For Chrome

– Open Chrome

– Click the menu on the chrome browser toolbar

– Select settings

– Click ‘show advanced settings’ at the bottom of the page

– Click ‘content settings’ in the Privacy section

– A dialog box will appear. Scroll to ‘location’ and select your permission for future requests for location via clicking ‘allow’. There are 2 options: allowing all sites to track your location and asking when a site tries to track your physical location. The former gives Google Maps and all sites access to your location, while the latter alerts you whenever any site requests for your location.

– Click ‘done’

For Firefox

For Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and above

– Go to maps.google.com and click the lock icon on the left of the URL in the top bar

– Click ‘more information’

– Click the ‘permissions’ tab

– Under ‘access your location’ click ‘allow’

For Mozilla Firefox 3.1 and below

– Open Firefox

– Click ‘tools’, then ‘gears and ‘settings’

– Next to the country version of the Google Maps that you use, click ‘remove’

For Safari

– Open Safari

– Click preferences in the top right corner of your PC

– Click ‘privacy’ then ‘prompt for every website for one time’

– Go to your country version of Google Maps

– Click on the ‘GPS-like’ icon on the bottom right hand side

– If prompted, check the box titled, ‘remember my decision and don’t ask again’

– Click ‘allow’

You might be prompted to change the settings of your location on your PC. To do this:

— Open System Preferences and go to ‘security & privacy preferences’ then ‘privacy’ and ‘location’ services

— Click the lock in the bottom left to allow for changes

— Check ‘enable location services’

For Internet Explorer

– Open Internet Explorer

– Click settings on the browser toolbar

– Click ‘internet options’ then ‘security’, ‘trusted sites’ and ‘sites’

– Type the versions of Google Maps that you use and make certain that the ‘require server verification’ box is unchecked

– Click ‘add’

Troubleshooting problems with location

If you try the above and receive an error, for instance, ‘your location cannot be determined’, there are 2 possibilities:

— The request took so long; therefore, Google Maps stopped working

— Google Maps couldn’t get an accurate read on your location

Fixing the Problem

— Refresh your browser and check to ensure that your internet connection is strong

— Double check permission settings

All in All

As we can see, the reasons why Google Maps is not working for you can be resolved. Just follow the recommendations given for the different browsers.

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