Is WhatsApp Capable of Sending SMS Texts?

Most smartphones utilize Short Message Service in order to deliver texts to another device. Likewise, SMS is used to receive texts from other mobile devices. In the United States, unlimited texting plans are often included with wireless service. The same applies to parts of Europe, but the rest of the world features higher texting costs. WhatsApp has risen to a monstrous 700 million active users to combat the high cost of texting around the world. However, users often wonder if WhatsApp takes advantage of SMS or not.

Short Message Service and Smartphones

Both CDMA and GSM networks rely upon SMS in order to send text messages to their intended recipients. A variety of protocols are combined in order to make traditional text messaging possible. Of course, the average smartphone owner takes these services for granted. An individual doesn’t have to worry about how the service functions because they know it works when needed. Text messages travel across a service provider’s wireless network, and that’s about as much as users want to know about this topic.

How does WhatsApp deliver messages between users?

WhatsApp has never and will never use SMS to deliver these messages. In reality, the platform takes advantage of a data connection to the Internet to facilitate messaging. Each message travels from one device to another by relying upon the Internet. This means that anyone with a WiFi connection can send and receive messages with WhatsApp. Fortunately, such services cost far less than traditional text messaging, and users don’t necessarily need a service plan if they have a consistent Internet connection on a regular basis.

With this app, only current users can send messages through the platform. This closed environment means that an Internet connection is the only thing users can send and receive messages through. WhatsApp can then provide a cost-effective way to users to stay in contact with each other. For non-users, such individuals won’t receive messages sent to them from an actual user. Current users can’t receive messages from non-users either.

Can WhatsApp use SMS to deliver messages?

As previously stated, WhatsApp doesn’t utilize SMS for messaging. The app is not even compatible with such standards because a device’s data connection facilitates everything. A WhatsApp user cannot call upon SMS for messaging purposes within the app because that feature doesn’t exist. For WhatsApp users, this isn’t a problem because they’re trying to avoid using SMS to save money. Using a wireless Internet connection can essentially eliminate the need for a text messaging plan, which saves hundreds of dollars per year.

If a person wants to use their phone’s SMS capabilities, then they can do so outside of WhatsApp. This requires using the default texting app on the device, and smartphone owners could be charged for such usage. WhatsApp is designed to provide a low-cost alternative to traditional SMS, and the platform succeeds on that front. By using this app, a given person can save a lot of money on their annual phone service because SMS becomes unnecessary for text messaging.

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