Why Download Google Chrome?

When it comes to web browsers, very few offer the kind of performance that Google Chrome does. With a plethora of unmatched features at it’s disposal, it is no surprise that the browser is a favourite among internet users. Google pays a lot of attention in ensuring that the browser maintains its superiority over it’s competitors by releasing constant updates and bug fixes for all the compatible platforms. If you are still wondering whether you should download Google Chrome or not, here are a few good reasons for you.

Hassle Free Fast Installation

The browser is a multiplatform browser and setting up is a speedy process without having to reboot. The browser asks you to sign in to your Google account in order to make your web experience much better. This lets you save and sync your bookmarks and settings on multiple machines.

Well Designed Interface

The design is a minimalistic one but has everything you may need. It was Chrome that started the trend of simple interface and maximum functionality and it still reigns supreme there. Users may use themes to spice up the look of their browsers.

Single Search and Address Box

Chrome offers a single box which doubles as an address bar and a search box. This tends to save you a lot of time when you browse or search. Text prediction also helps to predict your search predictions while you are typing texts into the box.

Freedom With Tabs

The browser offers excellent tab implementation. The tabs can be easily dragged out to form new windows. Most frequently visited sites can be pinned as thumbnails on the new page window. You may also remove these thumbnails by clicking the X at the corner.

Use Of Voice Search

Now this is one of the best features of this browser as it lets you search by using your voice. Users can just tap their microphone and speak out whatever they wish to search.

Integrated Flash And PDF Support

A lot of websites tend to have Flash based content and it can be very annoying if one has to go for a separate installation in order to view this Flash based content. What is even better is that you do not need to update the Flash plug in as it get auto updated whenever Chrome is updated. 

Chrome also supports PDF files and you do not need to install any extra plug-ins. The browser also lets you zoom in and out of the file to facilitate better viewing experience. You also have the option of selecting text in order to copy or paste it.


Chrome allows users to install multiple Extensions which perform various functions. There seems to be an extension for most of the web tools used today. Some tend to add icons into the browser’s interface while others do not. This option can be accessed through the Tools submenu of the Chrome main menu.

Multiple User Accounts

An interesting feature for those who have to share their computers with other people. If you would like to keep your settings, history and bookmarks as private, you can always add a new user who will have their own settings and windows according to their usage.

Here you have plenty of reasons to download Google Chrome and improve your web browsing experience as it is the top dog among web browsers today.

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