Why Download Google Chrome-Simplicity, Speed, and Many Other Great Features

Google released this relatively young web browser in 2008 and it has become one of the most used and popular web browsers worldwide.

Google Chrome runs web pages and applications with incredible speed and simplicity and this is its major advantage and excellence. Google Chrome web browser supports and certifies Google’s dominance and innovativeness in the industry. Chrome does an amazing job at borrowing and improving techniques from its well-established predecessors that it has become a norm to which almost all the other browsers aspire.

Some Special Google Chrome Features

We have already mentioned above the fact that lightning speed and simplicity are Google Chrome’s main features and advantages. There is the ability of browsing the Internet and navigating and also handling as well as rearranging browser tabs as you wish, and some other great possibilities. If one browser tab collapses, others will not be affected, since Google Chrome’s browser tabs can be separated and work independently. Furthermore, some of other Chrome’s appealing and rich features include privacy browsing known as the Incognito mode that provides you with private Internet browsing meaning all the passwords, downloads, history, searches, cached content and cookies are deleted on shutdown, then there is also the option of making shortcuts to your favorite and most used web applications, so your favorite and precious applications will launch easily and quickly.

Chrome’s Compatibility and Synchronization

Google Chrome’s compatibility with the web is its major feature, besides being a remarkably fast web browser. Also, Google Chrome boasts a PDF reader as well as an embedded Flash, and it is specifically designed to quickly and effectively load, display and interact with the wide variety of web applications. Your phone and your desktop browser are perfectly synchronized so you can save your favorites and create bookmarks easily. Google Chrome features simplicity which other browsers lack, as Chrome’s layout is intuitive, clean, and well-organized. Google Chrome’s features point out its efficiency and ease of use.

Google Chrome’s Help Center

Help center within Google Chrome provides support in variety of categories including services that help and support new users of Chrome in getting started, but also help and support for advanced users of Google Chrome to entirely customize their experience in web browsing. At Chrome’s help center you are also able to adjust display settings or language, as well as check on well known product issues and browse FAQs. Within Chrome’s help center is a help forum for Chrome users to interact with other Chrome users, post issues, and provide feedback.

Chrome Ensures secure and Safe Web Browsing

Google Chrome provides secure and safe web browsing thanks to its built-in malware and phishing protection, auto update of the latest security fixes, and many more. If you happen to end up on a website suspected of phishing or containing a malware, this web browser will instantly display a warning. Moreover, Google Chrome includes sandboxing method and auto updates. This sandboxing method is a useful way for disabling malware from installing itself on your device and for monitoring your online activities or stealing personal information by isolating the happenings in one browser tab from affecting the others.

Google Chrome boasts simplicity, speed, security, privacy, and many more amazing features that make it one of the most popular and used web browsers in the world.

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