WhatsApp XL 0.5 Free Download and Install on Android Tablets and Android TVs

If you are a regular user of WhatsApp, you must already be aware of the fact that this application can only be installed on a mobile phone.

The app is not compatible with tablets, something that can be quite annoying if you own one of these Android devices.

Furthermore, there is no dedicated version for installation of WhatsApp on Android TV and any other Android device. There are obviously some people who would love to have this app installed on their tablets or Android TVs in their living rooms, so that they can enjoy chatting with friends on WhatsApp from the comfort of their couch. While it is true to say that smartphones do most of the hard and dirty work throughout the day, sometimes relaxing at home with your eyes glued on a tablet or TV is the best thing. This helps as your eyes no longer have to strain to see things on the small smartphone screen.

However, the unfortunate thing here is that there are some apps that are specifically dedicated to smartphones and one such app is WhatsApp. Nonetheless, technology is full of wonders and it seems like it always has the answer to every question. There is already a version of this instant messaging app available for installation on the Android tablets, TVs and any other Android device.

WhatsApp XL Tablet Messenger

WhatsApp XL, or simply known as Tablet Messenger for WhatsApp is the latest clone version of this application.  Using Tablet Messenger for WhatsApp, the users of the Android tablets and other devices running on this platform will be able to enjoy the services of instant messaging on their devices. This app comes in to solve the problems that tablet users have been experiencing as far as using WhatsApp on these devices is concerned.

Furthermore, those who own Android devices other than tablets can also make use of this WhatsApp XL 0.5 free download and get connected with their friends from the phone app.

Tablet Messenger for WhatsApp is available in the Google Play Store

The latest version of WhatsApp XL is 0.5 and it can be downloaded from the official Google Play Store. When in the Play Store, search for “WhatsApp XL”, “whatsappxl” or simply “Tablet Messenger for WhatsApp” and you’ll be led to this app’s download page. Tap on the “Install” button in the store and the application will be installed on your Android tablet.

Setting up WhatsApp XL 0.5 free download

To set up WhatsApp XL on your Android tablet is very easy. The app will still make use of your contacts from the phone app and the conversations will also be synced across all devices. When you launch Tablet Messenger for WhatsApp on your Android tablet, a QR code will pop up. This is the same QR code that pops up when using WhatsApp Web on your PC via Chrome, Opera or Firefox.

You will need to scan the QR code using your phone application. Launch WhatsApp on your smartphone and follow the on-screen steps to scan the QR code on your tablet app. On your phone, launch the app and in the settings, tap on WhatsApp Web. Go ahead and scan the code in the WhatsApp XL app and you’ll be logged into the Tablet Messenger for WhatsApp.

You can now start chatting with your friends using WhatsApp XL on your tablet or Android TV.

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