WhatsApp Free Messaging – How To Implement It Into Your Business

There are a lot of people using WhatsApp to keep in touch with their friends and families, regardless of the country they live in. However, if you know how to implement it, this is also a powerful tool for businesses. Today we’re going to talk about how WhatsApp’s services can improve your businesses.

Using WhatsApp to contact and interact with audiences

Sending emails to customers are not always effective, as not many of them check the emails daily. However, by doing this via the WhatsApp messaging application, the users will be able to instantly see what’s new in their company and what current offers they have. Don’t forget that WhatsApp application has over 800 million active users and there are more users joining daily.

At the same time, the customers will be able to contact you with ease and ask you questions about a specific product.

There are already companies that are using WhatsApp to advertise their products or giving free consultation about some specific items. This way, your costumers will feel valued and at the same time, they will be informed about what they can buy. This also gives your company a plus of trustworthiness.

Let’s not forget that WhatsApp allows you to send photos and video files without paying any extra costs. This means that you will be able to send photos and video files to the customers and show them how an item looks like.

There are already a lot of companies who are using WhatsApp to communicate with their customers and they say that the service is really useful for them. This way, the users will easily contact them and make a review of their products or services. A good example is Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation from India, which provides a helpline service for their busses on WhatsApp. The passengers are able to make complaints and suggestions about their services.

The Indian Railways is another service provider integrated on WhatsApp. They’ve connected the API for train routing and by adding their WhatsApp account, you will be able to receive information such as delays, maintenance work or at what time the train will arrive.

Are you planning to implement your business on WhatsApp? What are your thoughts about using WhatsApp to attract and inform your customers?

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