Clash of Clans – Best Tips for Archer Queen and Barbarian King

The Barbarian King and Archer Queen are the most powerful troops in the Clash of Clans game but when you know how to utilize them properly during battles, you are sure to become invincible when you oppose your foes.

It is not easy to unlock this character because of the increased number of resources that the game demands. You need a massive 10k, dark elixir resources to build the king and once you recruit him, you can continue to make him powerful by leveling up. Upgrades can be purchased as you use him to fight battles for you and earn more coins.

Iron Fist

The Barbarian King has the iron first ability which is one of the best features to make use of. You will not be able to immediately make use of this power because the king will be able to use it only when you reach level five. It is always wise to place your king altar near your queen’s altar so that both can defend each other as well as be able to upgrade continuously while the other troops protect themselves on all directions. The altar should also be located close to the gold containers, which, experts suggest, is an important and strategic move to make your clan more powerful.

Archers are the best combo to use with your barbarian king because they are capable of long range attacks and it is also good to keep a healer handy. If your king gets hurt in the battle, he would be there to restore the health and make sure you don’t lose the fight at any cost. To bring down the barbarian king of your opponent, use multiple troops on him at once and he will surely lose plenty of health. Combine it with air attacks and you can easily bring him down.

Long Ranger

The Archer Queen is exceptionally strong with long range attacks and can be upgraded up to twenty levels. Her appearance continuously changes as she becomes stronger and because of her range, she can efficiently defend the king in battles and also stay safe, as the Barbarian King is very powerful in close range combat. Her health is a bit low but if you keep her behind a wall, she can attack both air as well as ground troops to weaken your enemy. Once you have unlocked these troops, your success in the game is almost guaranteed. Just use them wisely.

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