WhatsApp 2.12.87 Free APK – Top Voice Calling Features And New Material Design

WhatsApp is an application that is getting more and more users. If in August 2014, the application had only 600 million monthly active users, in the meantime, around 200 million more people registered to WhatsApp. It seems that the recently introduced Voice Calling feature was one of the main reasons why so many users installed the WhatsApp application on their smartphones.

Soon after the Voice Calling feature was added to the application, there were a lot of users who complained about it. It seems that while using the Voice Calling feature on WhatsApp, a lot of users complained that the calls are either lagging or ending for no reason. At the same time, they’ve said that the feature is using a lot of data and it is not offering high quality calls.

When WhatsApp 2.12.32 BETA was released and was not yet available in the Google Play Store it came with Holo Design, which, for most of the users, it is a boring interface. However, when WhatsApp 2.12.84 was released, it came with a new look and the application was looking a bit more organized also. However, the application still had Gingerbread icons and this “issue” had to be fixed. The new WhatsApp 2.12.87 APK comes with new user interface and new icons. First of all, the Gingerbread icon that was hidden under the overflow has been removed. The red and green colors that were found in the old theme were changed with a darker green and pinkish shade.

At the same time, during a Voice Call, you will notice that the ID of your contact has a bigger font. At the same time, the new Material Design’s main screen comes with minimalistic icons.

WhatsApp 2.12.87 features

Group Chat

Do you have common friends and you want to talk with all of them all in the same chat window? Don’t worry, WhatsApp offers you the ability to create group chats and add your friends to it.


Do you want your contacts to recognize you faster? Well, you are able to setup a profile photo, which all your WhatsApp friends will see.

Sending Multimedia

Using the WhatsApp application you will be able to send Images, Videos, Voice Notes to your WhatsApp friends.

No charges for international calls/chats

Since the application uses the internet connection to send and receive data, you will not pay any additional fees if you chat or call somebody (using WhatsApp) from another country.

Offline Messages

In case your smartphone is turned off or disconnected from the internet when someone sends you a message, don’t worry. The messages are stored on WhatsApp’s servers and once you log into your account, you will receive all the “offline” messages.

Bye bye pins and usernames

Say goodbye to pins and usernames. The ID on WhatsApp is the mobile phone number that you will use to get verified. After you get verified, you will be able to open the WhatsApp application without having to enter a password or a username.

No need to add friends that you have already in the contact list

Since mobile phone numbers are the IDs on WhatsApp, the application will scan your contact list. In case it finds a contact that has the number registered to WhatsApp, the application will automatically add him/her to your list of WhatsApp contacts.

Share places and location

In WhatsApp, you are able to share the location or place where you are currently.

Email chat history

Do you have a chat history that you want to save somewhere safe? Well, don’t worry, as you are able to email the chat history to your email. To do this, just go to the chat window you want to save, select the menu button (the three dot button from the top right side of the screen), tap More->Email Chat.

No additional fees

As soon as you install the application, you will be able to talk with all your WhatsApp friends for free. The application uses only the internet connection, so you will not pay any additional fee and you can send as many messages as you want. (the only fee you are going to pay is the yearly one, which is only 0.99 dollars).

WhatsApp 2.12.87 APK: Installation

First of all, you will need to download WhatsApp 2.12.87 APK from the internet. The safest place from where you can download WhatsApp 2.12.87 APK is the WhatsApp official website (whatsapp.com). Once you download the APK file from there, make sure that the Unknown Sources is enabled (if this option is not enabled, you will not be able to install any APK file that has been downloaded from the internet) by going to either Settings->Applications or Settings->Security and making sure that the box in front of the option is checked.

Now, since you are sure that Unknown Sources option is enabled, go to the place where you’ve saved the WhatsApp 2.12.87 APK file and install it on your Android smartphone. Enjoy!

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