Clash of Clans – Succeed In This Game Without Spending Real Money Tricks

Supercell, the developer of Clash of Clans, has finally released an update that will make things easier when it comes to readjusting your village from your iPad or iPhone.

When you start upgrading the Town Hall from your village, you will notice that some new buildings will unlock which will probably change your strategy from a Town Hall level to another. The developers came now with a new inventory system that allows you to remove all your buildings with a single tap and start putting buildings from a scratch. Keep in mind that moving buildings around doesn’t cost you anything and you get no penalty for doing it. Now you can also lay down walls by just dragging your finger than just dropping them one by one as you did until now.

Complete as many achievements as you can

When you will notice someone that has four builder huts in his village, even if they are still in Bronze or Silver league, it means that they used money to get those Gems, because they are not that easy to get without investing some time in this game and going up in the ladder.

This is why you should invest a lot of your time doing achievements, to get enough gems to buy your fourth and fifth builder hut. While the first one you get it for free, the 2nd and 3rd are not that hard to get as they cost 250 and 500 gems. However, you may struggle to get your fourth one which goes for 1000 gems and the fifth one which goes for 2000 gems.


Sweet Victory is an achievement that it’s quite easy to get and it gives you 450 gems. To get a three start Sweet Victory achievement you will have to achieve a total of 1250 trophies earning you 450 gems.

Getting to Crystal League is another achievement you will want to hit, as it will give you 250 gems, but you may struggle a bit to get there.

Friend in Need is an achievement that will give you another 250 gems, and to get it you will have to donate 25.000 Clan Castle capacity of troops for it. You can do this by donating a lot of Giants, so try to get into a Clan as soon as you re-build your Clan Castle and start sending reinforcements.

Upgrading buildings

Clash of Clans is quite entertaining at its first levels, since the buildings you are constructing don’t take that long to complete. However, as your buildings get higher and higher in level, so is the construction time increasing. With other words, minutes will turn into hours of construction time, and you will have to plan well your upgrading. As you know, the defensive buildings will not attack while they are upgrading, so you should consider upgrading them in the morning and stay online as much as you can. Or force a “free” shield by placing your Town Hall unprotected outside so that a player who’s farming Trophies, will destroy it and just let the rest of your village untouched. This way, you will “win” a free shield for the next 12 hours, which will not let other players attack you during that time.

Don’t upgrade your Town Hall higher than level 7 or 8

Some of the players are instantly upgrading their Town Hall to max level for no reason. Don’t do that, as it will cost you a lot of resources that you could use to max your barracks or any other more important building that the TH.

Keep in mind that you will be able to get in Crystal League even with a Town Hall level 7 or 8, so there is no reason to have it higher than this. At the same time it is good to upgrade the TH when you have the rest of your buildings maximized, to have a constantly growing village.

Farming resources

Once you get in a higher tier of league, for example Gold, you might find that it’s quite difficult to farm for resources as all the enemy villages you get while searching for a target, are quite strong and you can barely steal any resource from them.

This is when you will want to start going down in ladder and get yourself back to Silver League.  To do this you will have to loose Trophies and one efficient way to do so is by start attacking villages with only 1 troop and lose all the battles. This way, you will lose fast Trophies and you will be back in Silver league where, once again, you will be able to farm resources to upgrade your buildings.

Dragons are good, but not the best

When you will see someone who attacks you with dragons, you will wonder that the best way to win a battle is by having Dragons. While this can be true, it will never be as efficient as it can be with the old style combo Archers and Barbarians.

In case you are asking yourself why, it is because the queue takes less while training Archers and Barbarians, which means that you will attack more often and that you will gain more resources per hour. So once again, you won’t need to go for the “BIG” troops in order to succeed in this game without wasting real money.

At the same time, don’t ignore goblins, as they are one of the weakest troops in the game, but they are absolutely necessary when you want to steal all the resources from a village and you are running out of time.

There are a lot of strategies over the internet which include multiple setups and you can find quite a few on our website also.

Joining a Clan and using your Clan Hall wisely

Clan Castles can be used in both defending your village and attacking other villages. This is great if you join a strong Clan which can give you a good amount of troops for you to use both as defense and offense.

Clash of Clans is not for everyone

Clash of Clans is about enjoying attacking and raiding and unlock achievements. If you don’t enjoy playing a game that is Player vs. Player oriented, that means that this game is not for you and you should just skip it and search for another game.

However, we assure you that this game is very good and once you understand it, you will most likely be stuck with it forever. If you are patient enough and understand how the game works, you will eventually get to Crystal League, Master League and even Champion League without investing a penny in this game.


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