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There are a lot of messaging applications out there and if you’ve just bought a smartphone, you will get confused and not know which one you should use. Today we’re going to talk about four popular messaging applications and tell you a bit about them, so you can make an idea if you want to use that application or not.

Usually, third party messaging applications are free or they come with a small fee. All of them use internet data, so you don’t have a limit on texting (as long as you don’t exceed the internet data usage on your carrier).

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp application has been released for quite a while and even if it was not so popular a few years back, right now is one of the applications that you should have installed on your mobile device. The application is easy to setup and you will use your mobile phone number to register. After registering, the application will scan your contact list from the phonebook and in case it detects a phone number (ID) used, it will automatically add the person who owns that number to your WhatsApp friends list.

Using WhatsApp you will be able to send videos, photos, audio files for free. Lately, the application has received the Voice Calling feature, which allows you to make free Voice Calls to any WhatsApp friend (no matter if (s)he’s from the same country or not).

To use the WhatsApp, you will need to pay 0.99 dollars every year, which in our opinion is a small fee for how much this application comes with.


Viber comes with the most useful features that you’ll ever see on a messaging application. It comes with great messaging and calling features, allowing you to keep in touch with all your friends for free. You can also make Video Calls, which is one feature that is currently missing on WhatsApp, but according to rumors, it will be added soon enough.

The Voice Calling feature that Viber comes with is way better than on WhatsApp. However, let’s not forget that this feature was released for WhatsApp a few months ago and the developers are still working on improving it. On Viber you can also send videos, photos and your location to your friends. The application comes with a Viber Out feature, which allows you to make calls on landline numbers or mobile phone numbers, but you will need to pay for this service. The rates are very low and this is why a lot of people prefer using the Viber Out feature, instead of calling using their carrier mobile network.


Using Kik you will be able to send videos, photos and messages to your friends. However, the application doesn’t have the ability to send your location. The application comes with a lot of stickers and allows you to even sketch while chatting with a friend. The application looks a bit more oriented to younger public and we’re pretty sure that students will enjoy using it. The application comes with its own currency called Kik Points (KP) which you can use to buy sticker packs or special emoticons that you can use while chatting with your friends on Kik application. To earn KP you will need to complete surveys, sign up for services or visit websites.


ReTXT comes with some unique features that a lot of users will enjoy. As expected, it lets you send photos, videos, audio, messaging and even your location to your friends. What’s unique about this application is that you can edit or even DELETE the messages that you’ve already sent. This way, in case the autocorrect messed with you, don’t worry, just delete or edit the message you’ve just sent. The messages will then be corrected for both you and the one you’ve sent it to.

At the same time, ReTXT comes with another unique ability which you can use when you receive a message that you don’t understand. This way, the message will have a question mark, indicating that you didn’t understood what (s)he said in the specific message.

Which one of these four instant messaging applications do you use?

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