Boom Beach – Tips and Cheats for Getting Unlimited Resources

Boom Beach is a game created by Supercell for the Android and iOS devices.

It was created by the same company that developed Clash of Clans and Hay Day. From the time it was launched in app stores, it became extremely popular.

It is a strategy game that requires you to gather resources, build a base and train your army in attacking the enemy’s bases. While playing, you require resources that will enhance your strength like iron, gold, stone and wood. Gold is for training or recruiting your army, and the other resources are for building and/or upgrading the buildings. The strategy here is training several troops at a go and constructing or upgrading more buildings.

In the game, you require time to finish recruiting the troop and completing construction. However, if you cannot wait, then you can use diamonds to hasten the completion. Diamonds are not readily available like other resources so you will be forced to make in-app purchases.

Cheats and Hack Tools

The Boom Beach Hack Tool was developed for those of who would like to have the strongest army and have complete dominance over the game and do not want to spend money. With this tool, you can get unlimited resources, gold and diamonds. It is a very simple tool. Even those who do not have a clue about hacking will find it easy to use. Here is a full list of the cheats in Boom Beach where you just need to put in the number of resources you want, and they will be added to your account.

  1. a) Resources to add (be it iron, stone or wood)
  2. b) Gold generator
  3. c) Diamonds generator
  4. d) Set resources to Unlimited

This Hack Tool is free and readily available.

Instructions on Downloading and Using the Boom Beach Hack Tool

  1. Start by downloading the Hack Tool here
  2. Proceed to download WinRAR/7ZIP to get the .rar archive if you do not have it
  3. Next, connect your device to your PC using a USB cable and wait for it to be detected
  4. From the multitask, close the Boom Beach game in your mobile device
  5. Open the program that has been downloaded
  6. From the option that is available, choose your Operating System and click on the Connect button
  7. Proceed to the Features tab and select the hack features you would like to activate
  8. Put in the amount of resources or diamonds you want
  9. On each feature, select and set them to unlimited and click the save button
  10. Go to the Start tab and then click the Start button. Make sure your device is still connected
  11. Wait for it to finish processing, and then you can disconnect the device, and you are good to go.

These instructions will help you to get more resources so as to strengthen your army and become victorious over other armies. Your friends will not know what hit them – unless of course you tell them.

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