WhatsApp Voice Calling – It Will Cost You, Find Out Why


If you have been using the voice call feature for WhatsApp, then you must have noticed that the app is affecting your data plan.

This new voice call feature has been released to all Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Users have been thrilled about this update and have waited long enough for it to be implemented. This won’t cost you a penny, as long as you benefit from a Wi-fi connection. So far, so good.  But here comes the shock wave for those who rely on 3G or 4G LTE data connectivity: it seems that it affects the data plan. A recent test performed by Androidpit reveals the fact that the application’s voice call feature, comes with a price. Of course you don’t pay directly for the calls you initiate, but it seems that whenever you call someone, the expenses are squeezed into your data plan. So, the test showed how the application utilizes 1.3Mb/min. each time you initiate a call. So let’s make a quick math exercise: if a voice call uses 1MB/minute, a user that owns a 500MB data package/month will use up its data plan in less than eight hours?

This problem doesn’t concern just WhatsApp. This increasing data usage as well as its limit is a major dilemma. With so many music streaming services accessible for users and Internet call features, consumers lack a good data plan. If you wish to have a better data plan, expect to reach deep into your pocket.

But not to worry, if you use a Wi-fi connection when engaging in a WhatsApp call, the data plan is nothing to be concerned about. If you wish to verify how much data you have used up, simply set-up the Data Monitor on your mobile device. If you know other types of monitoring tools, feel free to use those instead. Then call a friend using 3G or 4G LTE and keep track of the outcome. Make a few analysis and comparisons to see which option is best for your needs.

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