Mozilla Firefox Latest Version 36 Free Download – What’s in it for You?

With Version 36 having loomed its entry into the web world, there are many updates, reviews; both positive and negative swirling in the air.

Some people say it is beneficial to the developers, while some say it has a very nice user experience. Now with all these on the air, you must be confused.

Let us take a look at the recent updates and decide how beneficial it is going to be to us:

Before going into the details, Firefox is always set to automatically update itself, but you can choose to update it manually as well.

The Search Bar Replaces the Search Engine

Let it be Yahoo, Google or your favorite search sites, you can always land up on them through the Firefox search box. You also have options to remove and edit your favorite search list and you can do this within just a few minutes.

Your Favorite Pages at One Click

If Firefox is your default browser, you can feed in all your favorite pages to it and then open them in one single click. You don’t have to undergo the waiting process and can land on the page instantly.

Sync those Tiles

You must have seen that your recently searched websites and pages get listed as tiles on the home page of your Firefox browser. Now, in version 36 you have a facility to sync these tiles together for instant browsing.

Responsive Web at a Click

The new version of Firefox has enabled users to seek support for a full HTTP/2 protocol. HTTP/2 facilitates a faster and responsive website.

No Hanging Problems

The earlier versions of Firefox always had a tendency of encountering problems and shutting down with no notice message. You would be seeing stars when all your web pages close together, in no time. The latest version has ensured reduced hanging problems and even if there is a serious technical glitch that your computer is running through, Firefox has offered the solution – you will get to look at a crash reporter before you get exited from the program.

Compatibility Comfort

Having been famous for useful add-ons till date, Firefox has enhanced this property as well. They have found more space for useful add-ons and have made your user experience better.

 Strong Security

As a part of the new version’s fixes, Mozilla Firefox has heightened its security measures as well. This also inhibits auto log off from Facebook and Google accounts when your browser restarts.

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