WhatsApp Voice Calling Is Free, But How Much Do They Actually Cost?


WhatsApp allows you to make voice calls for free, but it needs an internet connection to work. If you’re using a WiFi network – at home or in a café, then your mobile data won’t be affected at all, but if you’re using your 3G internet on your phone, then expect to pay a huge bill, in case you don’t have an unlimited data plan. In this article, we’ll tell exactly how much voice calls are costing you, according to the data consumption.

Some testers were curious how much data is consumed when making voice calls on WhatsApp and they used the information given by the Android system and an application called Data Monitor that measures data rates. However, WhatsApp’s Voice Calling is an economical alternative to traditional calling on a different network, but since it needs internet to make these free calls to other WhatsApp users, the application will need a big data plan, which is pricier.

So, the testers made voice calls on LTE, which lasted six minutes and the data consumption ranged between 800KB – 1.3MB, according to the Data Monitor results, which showed an average consumption of 960KB per minute. According to the Android system, the voice calls consumed 600KB per minute. Averaging these results gives us another average consumption of 800KB per minute, which is too much for those with limited data plans, meaning that they won’t be using this feature everyday, to call their friends and they’ll prefer to use the traditional calling method. But if they’re using their WiFi network, this feature is more than welcome.

To determine how much WhatsApp calls are costing you, there are a few steps you must take and the first one is to test the network speed. You will need to install Ookla Speed Test then run more tests, indoors and outdoors, at different hours of the day, to get an average connection speed. Next, install Data Monitor or other application to measure the data volumes of various applications. Make a few calls on WhatsApp with the same duration, but from different locations. After ending the calls, check the data monitoring application and note down the results. Also, go to your phone’s Settings>Data Usage and check how much data was transmitted in the meantime. Compare the results obtained with Data Monitor and your Android system, then add them up to an average and see how much data you’re consuming per minute. Check your carrier plan and calculate how much a voice call on WhatsApp costs you, by calculating the consumed MB/minute.

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