Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Will Use Intel Skylake Processor and Launch with Windows 10 this Summer

Microsoft is really busy and it is going to be an important year for them.

They will definitely launch Windows 10 this summer as planned, which will also be the time to bring out Surface Pro 4.

A vast majority of consumers are looking forward to the device because it is the best tablet-laptop hybrid product out there. The industry believes that Surface is a dead product that couldn’t create the hype like an Apple iPad or a Nexus from Google. However, it is not meant for mainstream audiences, who simply consume content, but rather help those who had to carry heavy laptops around. Combining productivity and entertainment is what Microsoft achieved here.

Summer Launch is Highly Possible

The company is tight lipped about a release date so far, but the rumor mills continue to churn out interesting stuff every other day. The latest one is that Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has been scheduled for a summer launch. Based on their earlier launch dates, this may not be a possibility. However, there is more to this rumor than what meets the eye!

Windows 10 is a huge launch for the company that will introduce a lot of amazing features. One of them is the Spartan browser which will replace the internet explorer brand, which comes bundled with Cortana, reading view and most importantly, a support for on-screen hand drawn notes.

They definitely need a good device that would allow them to showcase these features on launch and there is nothing better than a new Surface to showcase it.

Intel Skylake Processor

Another interesting claim is that Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will run on Intel Skylake processor. Intel wouldn’t bring it to the general public before 2016; but users who choose to buy the new Pro will be able to enjoy its speed exclusively. The processor is much more powerful than its predecessors, smaller in size and will definitely be a value addition to the device.

Microsoft is also confirmed to be axing the RT version of tablets, which makes the future brighter for Surface and Surface Pro devices. When all of them start running full versions of Windows 10 operating system, combined with its detachable keyboard, it could easily be the next generation of convertible laptops that the users are looking forward to. However, the device will not feature the USB-C ports, as rumored earlier, as it is too soon for such integrations.

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