Samsung Galaxy S6 – Why Should You Use Quick Connect

One of the features Samsung is pushing on its new Galaxy S6 is Quick Connect.

The company believes the feature is one of the best and most practical features on the S6. Sadly, most users do not know how it works and therefore forget to use it. The feature has been present on past Samsung Galaxy devices as well, but on the S6 it works much better. Quick Connect is actually a built in utility that can help you connect to any device that supports either Miracast or Wi-Fi Direct.

Where to Find Quick Connect

Depending on the carrier, the Quick Connect feature can be found at three different places. The most common place is the notification shade. Once you pull down the menu, you will see the Quick Connect feature. Another place to look for the Quick Connect on the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the quick settings area. Tap the “edit” button located at the top of the notification shade. The last place where you can find the Quick Connect is the share menu, which you open every time you want to share a photo, audio or video files with someone else.

No matter where you find the feature on your Galaxy S6, the interface is the same and very simple to use. The first step is to adjust whether your phone should be visible always or just when the Quick Connect is on. There is nothing more to configure.

How to Use Quick Connect?

The feature is actually an application on the S6 that allows the handset to connect to different devices via Wi-Fi direct or Miracast. Once the devices are connected, you can share and display photos, audio and video files on the second device. In reality, this allows you to share the display from your Samsung Galaxy S6 on smart TVs, Xbox One and other Miracast devices. Another purpose of the Quick Connect is to send pictures and videos to another Samsung device in a matter of seconds.

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