Download the Google Hangouts Latest Version 3.1.0 and Stay In Touch With Everyone

This is Google’s messaging app that allows you to talk, chat, as well as make voice and video calls for free to your Google contacts (individuals or groups).

‘Hangouts’ is a great way to stay in touch with your colleagues, friends, and family. If you wonder, do you need yet another messaging app or not, hopefully this article will help you with that decision. Let’s take a look to some of the Hangouts’ important functions and advantages.

Why Get Hangouts?

This app by Google has some advantages over other messaging applications. Some of the app’s best features are the Google account integration and its great synced notifications that are synced instantly, which makes Google Hangouts much more reliable than some other applications in this genre. So, if you are exploring in your browser, the notifications won’t show up annoyingly for every new message, but you’ll surely get a notification if you’ve missed on reading some message. ‘Hangouts’ is a much more confident app than many multiplatform apps in this sense.

Regarding group conversations, ‘Hangouts’ allows you to incorporate up to 100 people in a group chat. Furthermore, with ‘Hangouts’ you can express yourself in many ways using photos, stickers, maps, emoji, status messages, or animated GIFs. Besides group chat, you can also make a free group video call with up to 10 people. All ‘Hangouts’ customers are allowed to talk for free, as well as connect Google Voice account for voicemail, phone number and SMS integration.

You can keep in touch with your contacts and friends across all your machines, and send a message to your friends at anytime, no matter if they are online or not. Despite the Hangouts’ little downside-the fact that it is not integrated with Google Drive, Hangouts is a great messaging app with many advantages. If you use Google services like Gmail, you won’t have any problems getting started with Hangouts. However, like most of the free messaging apps, Hangouts has a catch too. This is the fact that the Google will keep your data anonymously with Hangouts in order to ensure you with adapted advertisements across its services.

New Features

To start with, there are some new sticker packs available in the new Hangouts version. Also, you now have the possibility to check out when was the last time your friends were online at Hangouts. Some may not like this feature, so they can easily turn it off in their profile settings (albeit Hangouts will from time to time recommend you to re-enable this feature, which some may find a little annoying). Moreover, Hangouts gives you the possibility to share your location with others with just a single tap, as well as post your status or mood for your friends to see. Also, in version 3.1.0 Google has done some bug fixes and performance improvements and has introduced a new feature allowing you to copy and paste photographs into your conversations.

Overall, Google has provided us with a great messaging app that has some amazing features and functions, as well as some advantages over many other apps of this sort. It is a complete messaging application, enabling everything from SMS and texts to audio and video calls, and more.

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