WhatsApp Voice Calling 2.12.72 for Nokia Asha – Download And Install

WhatsApp is a leading presence in today’s communication based applications. There are millions of users who operate on this app and who simply can’t get enough of it.

The Nokia Asha phone is a device in which the app has an evident  and popular existence. Did you know that Asha comes from the Hindi language and it stands for the word” hope”? Pretty cool right?

Because this device is a mid-range smartphone, it is also a pretty economical gizmo to purchase for most users. Even if for some users, this device doesn’t have the “wow” features of other cool smartphones, it is being used by a lot of people. And they seem to be pretty happy with the phone’s features. Some may not afford to invest in super fancy devices, but the Nokia Asha is the perfect choice for those who aspire owing a smartphone. When this phone was designed, it had in mind a particular group of people which were eager to own a fancy mobile phone, but could not afford pricey gadgets.

Those who own a smartphone, usually have WhatsApp on their phone because they wish to keep in touch with others constantly. The good news for those owing a Nokia Asha is that this also supports WhatsApp. The newest version of this app is WhatsApp 2.12.72, which rolled out just a few weeks ago.

This upgrade comes with a new interface and Nokia Asha users will be happy to know that heir phone can support this cool app.

Quick tips on how to download the app for Nokia Asha:

  • OVI store. Look up the app in the OVI store, download it and then follow the instructions to install it on your Nokia Asha phone. Easy right?
  • Another quick way to install this application, is to go to WhatsApp.com, pick the model of your phone and set-up the application by opening the downloads menu.

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