Clash of Clans 7.65 APK Latest Version Free To Download

Clash of Clans is a strategy type of game developed by Supercell. This game is made for mobile devices and can be played on both tablets and smartphones.

In Clash of Clans, you will need to build a village from scratch. You will build resource structures, storage structures, defensive structures, offensive structures and many more. If you are a person who likes games that end very fast, then Clash of Clans is not for you, as it will take you weeks to get to the end of the game.

Upgrading buildings to higher level will take more and more time, from minutes to hours or days. However, when you rebuild the Clan Castle, the fun begins and you will be able to raid with your Clan in order to earn a good amount of resources.

As for the army, you will train barbarians, wizards, giants, archers and many more. You will need to understand each troop’s strength and weakness in order to make the best army that will destroy villages with ease.

Keep in mind that Clash of Clans is free to play, but there are items which can be purchased with real money, such as Gems. Using Gems, your “life” in Clash of Clans will get easier, as you will be able to instantly construct a building, instantly train troops or even pay with gems for resources that you don’t have in order to train a troop, upgrade/build a structure.

However, in case you’re planning to let your kids to play Clash of Clans, we suggest you to setup a protection password in the Google Play Store application, so this way your kids won’t be able to make any purchases without knowing the password. The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy say that you must be at least 13 years old to download and play Clash of Clans, so in case you decide to let your kid play this game, we suggest you to keep this in mind.

Clash of Clans is fun, but at the same time it is very addictive and this is why we must protect our kids. In case you notice that your kid is playing this game too much, we suggest you to make a schedule and tell him when and how much (s)he’s allowed to play this game.

Clash of Clans 7.65 APK released and available on Google Play Store

Clash of Clans version 7.65 has been released and if you want to test it out, just head to the Google Play Store and install/update it from there. Keep in mind that in order to play Clash of Clash, your device must have Android 4.0.3 or later.

Clash of Clans 7.65: What’s new?

– You can now change the name in Clash of Clans – One time only!
– You can now bookmark up to 30 Clans and view/compare them with ease
– A new defensive building has been added: The Air Sweeper – using this defensive building you will be able to mess the air troops by blowing them away from the village
– When you tap on the attack button to raid a village, you will now be able to preview your available army/spells..

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