How To Get Unblocked On Viber If You Get Blocked By Someone

Viber has a lot of features that make it better than most mobile messaging apps. Just like with most other apps privacy is important and contact blocking is part of it. Regardless of the reason some might have for blocking a person the app there are some workarounds and avoid the blockage.

How To Tell If You Are Blocked

Sadly there is no real way to tell if you were blocked. Viber as a very discreet way of blocking. When someone is blocked he will still see profile picture updates and everything will seem to be working fine except he will not see replies to his messages as the person who blocked him will no longer get them. The app makes it seem as if the person that blocked another one is just not answering to messages which is a bit less offensive for some. As a conclusion the best way to tell that you are blocked if someone told you that he or she will block you and suddenly stops answering to your messages.

The Workaround

The bad news is that there is no way someone can remove himself from the blocked list of another person. Someone needs to unblock the contact manually and there is no other way to do it but there are some workarounds.

The first obvious option is to get a new sim card and create a new account but this not the most desirable solution. That would be considered harassment and could have some negative repercussions. An alternative is to use a small glitch within the Viber app. It seems that the person that blocked a contact can still receive their messages if they are chatting in a group. If one creates a group and both the blocked contact and the contact that blocked them join the group they would be able to communicate. Both will be able to see each other’s messages.

Viber Likes To Keep Your Privacy… Private

As stated above Viber is different when compared with WhatsApp. When someone sends a message in WhatsApp the Blue Tick feature would tell the sender if the message was sent, delivered and read. Viber doesn’t like that as it is a bit to invasive. Viber users do not get delivery or message read reports which makes it even more difficult to tell if someone is blocked or not. Probably the only way to tell if someone has blocked a person or he or she is just ignoring that contact is if they are next to each other. The blocked person could sent them a message and wait to see if they get a notification.

Other than that there is not much someone can do to get unblocked. Viber like to keep things private which can be appreciated by some but this bug that allows someone to talk to someone that blocked them when both of them are in a group is surely a design flaw. It is quite likely that Viber will push an update at some point that will fix this glitch and protect its users from their blocked contacts.

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