WhatsApp Video Calling Feature – An Undisputable Update in the Digital Communication Era

WhatsApp recently launched the voice calling service to all Android and iOS users of the app.

Now that this feature has already taken its place in the VoIP industry, WhatsApp is working on adding a video calling service, which is basically aimed at increasing the popularity of this Facebook-owned instant messenger.

With more than eight hundred million active monthly users from all over the world, WhatsApp ensures that updates and new features are regularly rolled out. The developers do this so that the current users can keep using the app and not be distracted by any other application as well as entice more users onto the platform. The company has been very successful with this trick and the number of people currently using this app keeps swelling by over a million per day. For sure, it won’t be long before Mark Zuckerberg’s dream of reaching a billion WhatsApp users in less than a few years becomes true.

Downloading WhatsApp for free is the best move for any smartphone user

What makes WhatsApp an unstoppable app is that downloading and installing it is free. Users can simply get this app with the help of their data plan and nothing more. After that, the same data plan is used to send messages to friends who are also using the app for free. Using this application, you can keep in touch with one person at a time or use groups to connect. WhatsApp groups can hold a maximum of 100 participants. Hopefully, this will change soon to allow more participants to be added to these groups.

In sending WhatsApp messages, you can include text, videos, voice notes as well as photos. However, you should keep in mind that sending a video message is very different from making a video call. WhatsApp video calling involves having a one-to-one conversation where you see each other when chatting. This is the same thing that Skype, Viber and WeChat are already offering and if WhatsApp joins in, these apps will definitely be in trouble thanks to the huge popularity that WhatsApp commands over them.

Video calling technology no longer PC based

In the past, video calling technology was limited to PCs. This is where Skype made its name as the best video calling app. However, things started changing and the smartphone has taken control of communication, which has necessitated the migration of this technology from PCs to mobile devices that include tablets. With this flexibility, WhatsApp has turned out to be more functional and extremely interesting to use.

It’s a fact that WhatsApp voice calling feature is far from being perfect. However, the video calling feature will come in with more improvements and fixes to any bugs that are affecting the voice calling feature. If you have WhatsApp voice calls, you may have noticed some lags in the calls. At times, a call may just come to an end, despite the strength of internet connection available.

WhatsApp to become indispensable

With the introduction of the new Video calling feature on WhatsApp, this app is set to become one of the most indispensable tools of communication in this digital era. The voice calling feature is already a massive hit among Android users and soon, all users of the app will be able to access and use this feature. This is not good news for Skype as with such huge numbers, this messenger can easily topple the Microsoft-owned Skype as the best video calling app. There will be very little room for other messengers to compete once WhatsApp video calling takes its place in this digital communication era.

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