Skype vs. Viber vs. WeChat: For The Best Quality Free Video Call

Skype vs. Viber vs. WeChat: For The Best Quality Free Video Call 

As far as the VoIP market is concerned, Skype is without doubt a top provider of quality services in this niche. The duration this application has been around has really worked in its favor as it has managed to come up with some of the best features and services, especially when talking about free video calling.

The dominance of Skype as a free voice calling app was cut short by the introduction of Viber, which started operations in 2010. This application came in as an iOS app, but later on moved to other devices including PCs, an area where Skype was, and still is, very dominant. Despite the rise in  popularity of Viber with respect to free voice calling over the internet, Skype continued to keep its power in the free video calling niche.

This dominance in the video calling niche has again been cut short by the emergence of WeChat, which offers some of the best picture qualities as far as VoIP messengers are concerned. WeChat, just like Viber and Skype, also offers users with free voice calling in addition to free instant messaging.

Viber again joined the free video calling niche, and it has regularly been updating its codecs with an aim of providing users with the best quality of pictures during video calls, and they are very much succeeding as well.

Quality of pictures and clarity of voice

Making a video call over the internet requires a reliable internet connection, which means your device should be connected to a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi internet source. In the event of poor network coverage, you’ll end up with very poor quality of pictures as well as clarity of voice.

Nonetheless, Skype has been around for a while and this app has assembled the best codecs that ensure users get HD-quality pictures and sound during video calls. On the other hand, WeChat and Viber are newer apps; however, even they have come up with the latest offerings, sporting some of the latest HD codecs that are very superior in performance. With these, the users of these apps are treated to some of the best when it comes to picture quality and voice clarity.

The only major setback faced by WeChat and Viber is that they are new applications and with every new software application; there are always glitches and bugs that come along and before these are taken care of, it takes some time. The free video calling feature in Viber is still young and so is WeChat. These apps are still being shaped and as such, many of the features in them are yet to be close to stability. Unlike Skype which can be trusted to provide the best quality of voice and pictures during a video call, WeChat and Viber can only be thought of as the best alternatives to Skype.

Bottom line

While Viber and WeChat have grown to become some of the best apps that offer free video calling services, Skype offers much more superior free video call services. Better still, you can install all the three apps and try them out for their quality of video calls.

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