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WhatsApp is the application used daily by 800 million people who live in all parts of the world and around 1 million phone owners are joining every day. WhatsApp has many useful features and one of them is the Voice Calling, which was recently added to iOS. However, the feature isn’t automatically activated, and if you happen to have an iPhone, but you don’t want to wait until WhatsApp notifies you that you can finally make voice calls, then you can jailbreak your iOS and enable the voice calling with WhatsAppCallEnabler Cydia Tweak. It’s simple to install WhatsApp on an iPhone, and you will need a phone number in order to verify your account.

WhatsApp Voice Calling is now available for Android, BlackBerry 10 and iOS, so the users can call their friends for free, using only an internet connection, regardless of whether is 3G or via a wireless network. When installing WhatsApp, you don’t need to add contacts manually because the application scans your phonebook and when it finds numbers associated with WhatsApp, it automatically adds them to your list of friends. However, you can’t just create an account and enter your number to be your ID. You will need to be verified, so you will receive a SMS text containing a verification code (6 digits), which you will introduce and your account will be verified.

If you encounter problems during the verification process, don’t panic and try again, but first, check if you have the latest version of WhatsApp, which can be downloaded from the App Store, and make sure you enter the correct number along with the country code. If you don’t know what the code for your country is, just select the country from the country list; then verify your phone’s battery, to not run of out juice in the meantime; and most important, check your internet connection, because if you don’t have a strong signal, the verification process will interrupt. Also, check if the iPhone is not roaming and if it can receive international SMS messages.

There are situations when a specific device isn’t supported, so if you don’t have an iPhone running on at least iOS 6.0, then you can’t install WhatsApp on it. Also, iOS tablets aren’t supported either.

If you introduce your phone number and you still don’t receive a SMS with the code, you will opt for receiving a phone call and in the next five minutes you will be called by a robot and will be given the authorization code. If this doesn’t happen either, delete WhatsApp from your device, reboot your iPhone and download the latest version of the application and repeat the installation steps.

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