The Sims 4 Release on Mac Confirms a PS4, Xbox One Edition is Possible

Electronic Arts and Maxis have finally taken the step forward to not just stop with the PC edition but release the Sims 4 on Mac.

It is a brilliant move because the game finally comes out of the closet and is now widely available for a new group of audience.

Another good thing about the launch is that it is an identical copy of the PC version and nothing has been changed in terms of gameplay or graphics. The content remains the same which allows players to experience the same on a completely new platform.

The launch has also finally changed the opinion people had about Mac not being a gaming friendly platform because this is one big franchise that has landed on the same. Those who already own the PC edition of the game will be able to get the title for free on Mac and vice versa which makes it a better deal.

All Game Packs are available

The Sims 4 has already received the outdoor retreat pack and gets to work free DLCs. Both of them are uniquely different in their own ways. The first retreat is a game pack which allows players to explore different locales in the wild. You can enjoy a field trip with your friends or neighbors. There are some special attires, campfire, dancing and lot of stuff to explore and entertain oneself.

The Get to Work completely changes the gameplay because for the first time players will be able to actually work in a career they choose. The characters usually go to work and come back home with no actual control over their activities which changes with this pack. You can get them all for free on the Mac edition as well.

PS4, Xbox One edition is a possibility

Many believed that EA and Maxis wouldn’t launch the Sims 4 on Mac because of the lesser audience base in it. Similarly, the consoles had never had a Sims franchise for decades but there are people who want to try it. With the official Mac launch, things seem different now and the possibility of the game getting launched on Playstation 4 and Xbox One is really high. Many Xbox exclusives are now available on PC and a lot of indies have made it to the PS4. The Sims 4 doesn’t have a release date on next gen consoles yet but it shouldn’t be too long.

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