Google Talk vs. Google Hangouts – Upgrade for the Better

Shifting to Newer Versions

You can think of Google Hangouts as the latest version of Google Talk. It is not advisable to stick on with an older version or older software. This is because if you use the new version, your computer will remain secure as it gets regular updates, whereas the older software will not be patched or get updates and it will be more vulnerable.

Hangouts – Why it is Better

On Google Hangouts, users can invite a maximum of nine friends and have a video conference with them. The user interface is also more intuitive. It can be a little difficult at first to learn the steps for joining a Hangout, but once you do this, everything else is pretty simple.

Screen sharing is an excellent option available in Google Hangouts. You can share your screen by clicking on the screenshare icon, which opens all the windows that you can share. You have to select the window for sharing and then click on the Share Window icon. Other options, such as inviting more people into the conversation, are also very intuitive.

Hangouts offer group text chatting and sending of photo messages, which was not available in Google Chat earlier. When you use the app on your Android or iOS device, you can also share location, which was not possible with Google Talk.

Integrated Applications on Hangouts

Hangouts also come with a wide selection of optional applications. For instance, you have SlideShare, Google Docs, YouTube and so on. You can watch content from YouTube along with other friends in the group; play games when you are video chatting with others and so on. It is also very easy to set up.

Hangouts on Air

This is an option where you can broadcast the Hangout in the YouTube channel and it will be streamed live. It is also saved to the YouTube account.

Google Chat and Hangouts

Google Chat was mainly used for chatting, whereas Hangouts is used for chatting as well as making new friends, sharing details, photos and screen sharing and so on. Google Talk has a simple interface, works quickly and smoothly. It also shows the user who is online very clearly and concisely. On the other hand, many new users find Google Hangouts a little cluttered and cumbersome at first. There is a green line under the name of the person to indicate that they are online, in case of Hangouts. In addition, you can also send pictures to your contact, which you cannot do in Google Talk. You can talk with up to 10 people at a time, which is not possible in Google Talk. It is also offered as a mobile application. Google Talk is mainly used only for chatting, whereas you can do a lot more in Google Hangouts.
Bringing Conversations to Life

You can now bring your conversations to life by upgrading to Google Hangouts from Google Talk. Hangouts can be installed in computers as well as Android and iOS devices, so no one is left out. Emoji or emoticons can be shared to have a livelier conversation. It is almost like a real life conversation. It is also possible to see when the contact has read the message you sent or when they type out a reply. If they miss your message, they will be sent an alert when they connect to the Internet. It is also easy to go back to any particular Hangout if you are looking for a particular conversation. This makes it fun to scroll back and relive the topics that you had talked about.

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