WhatsFapp Free v1.05 (Dual WhatsApp+ Reborn) APK Download

WhatsFapp is another alternative to the official application, which allows the use of two WhatsApp+ Reborn accounts plus the official WhatsApp application, on the same smartphone. The new version 1.05 comes with new features and bug fixes, but we’ll tell you more about them in the following article.

WhatsApp is the source of inspiration for many developers who used its internal structure and modified it to deliver more appealing alternatives, with more features which are missing from the original application. Many of you heard of WhatsApp Plus, which allows its users to change the theme, fonts, colors, to send images at the same resolution, and the size limit is set at 50MB instead of 16MB.

Well, WhatsFapp is another application that has the same functionality as WhatsApp, but it offers more features and it prevents its users from getting banned for installing this unofficial version. The application allows you to hide the Last Seen Status, the Blue Ticks, the Double Ticks and the typing for groups and contacts, it offers group statistics, image and video previews, it has all the features from WhatsApp+ Reborn, the Package name was changed to com.whatsfapp and cum.whatsfapp and there two variants of Material Design: one that is themed blue (Boys’ ♂ color) and the other one is themed pink (Girls’ ♀ color).

The WhatsFapp v1.05 comes with three fixes for “Showing” privacy mods which were not working properly, the icons that were not changing, and the Attach Web bug has been fixed. Also, the /WhatsApp/Osm folder was changed to /WhatsApp/Fap and com.whatsfupp was changed to cum.whatsfapp and the users have “Fapp” and “WhatsFapp” in their launcher.

To install WhatsFapp on your Android smartphone, first get the original WhatsApp application from the Google Play store, register your account using your personal number, then back up your chats 2 or 3 times and go to “App Info” to “Clear Data”. Next, go to com.whatsfapp to download and install WhatsFapp. You need to enter number 1, and to restore chat backup. Furthermore, open WhatsApp and enter number 2, verify it, chat with your friends, backup the conversations and again, clear data. Go to cum.whatsfapp to get WhatsFupp, enter number 2 and again, restore chat. In the end, open WhatsApp again, verify number 3 and that’s it, you will have three accounts on the same smartphone: WhatsApp, and two accounts for whatsapp+ reborn.

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