WhatsApp Update 2022: Full List of Unsupported Smartphones in 2022

WhatsApp just made a huge announcement that it won’t support some mobile devices this 2017. Check out this latest WhatsApp 2017 update here!

If you are a lover of WhatsApp, then this huge announcement should concern you. The developers of this application just revealed that they would cut off their services for several models of smartphones before 2021 ends.

According to the management, the discontinuation is just a part of their technology upgrade. They are planning to terminate the compatibility of WhatsApp to old versions of smartphones. On the other hand, they want to shift their focus on the device platforms that most of their users have.

A WhatsApp spokesperson told that the older models of smartphones made an enormous contribution to the development of the application. However, the company already foresaw that these phones cannot support the further expansions of the application in the future.

WhatsApp 2022: Which Smartphone Would Not Be Supported

Here is the confirmed list of smartphones and their versions that would see the end of WhatsApp:

  • Android phones: Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 versions
  • Windows phones: Windows Phone7
  • Apple phones: iPhone 3GS with iOS6

Meanwhile, here is the list of mobile platforms that would receive continued support from WhatsApp until June 2021.

  • Blackberry 10 with BBOS version
  • Nokia S40 with Symbian S40 operating system

As the list suggest, most users of Android phones should not worry about the major update of WhatsApp. Obviously, those people who own iPhones with iOS6 versions and lower won’t be able to use the app after 2020.

WhatsApp 2022: What Are The Other Updates

Currently, this is the only major inclusion in the next update of WhatsApp. However, users can expect that there are additional features that would be included in the new version of the mobile app.

Features such as redesigned chat bubbles and disappearing messages are also expected to come soon.

WhatsApp is a free messaging platform. It has over 1 billion users in 180 different countries around the world. This update might only affect a small portion of their audience.

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