WhatsApp Plus v6.76 (Ban-free) APK Download And Install

In the past weeks, WhatsApp Plus released a few updated versions, as the applications aims to become better and better, to attract more users who are disappointed of the original WhatsApp app. A few days ago, version of WhatsApp Plus was launched, v6.76, which is ban-free and has many improved features.

This version is provided by OnHax and it works only for those who are not banned by WhatsApp. However, if you got caught using the unofficial application, you’ll have to wait until the ban time is complete, then you will be able to install this application.

Here are the key features of this awesome application, which is more advantageous than the original application:

It’s very colorful and when you’re having enough of the current colors, sizes etc., you can change it, as WhatsApp Plus is customizable. Likewise on WhatsApp, with this application you can send all kinds of videos and music files, but their size is limited to 16MB on the original app, while on WhatsApp+, the upload media limit was increased to 50MB. With the original WhatsApp, you can send pictures, but their resolution is decreased and the recipient gets them at a lower resolution and a bit pixilated. The app doesn’t have ads, just like the original app, and it lets you share your music with a simple click.

If you want to copy and paste just a part of a text, instead of copying the entire text, you are allowed to do this and you’ll send the selected part to your contacts. With WhatsApp Plus V6.76 you can watch status in the chat screen, hide your profile picture so the stalkers won’t know how you look like, plus you’ll be able to see the phonebook pictures (in chat screen). In addition, for those who want more themes, they can download from the internet and install them, as WhatsApp+ comes with a built-in theme viewer and downloader.

Look for WhatsApp plus v6.76 APK file on the internet, save it on your computer or smartphone, backup your chats and broadcast lists, uninstall the original WhatsApp and open the v6.76 APK file. Install it on your Android phone and follow the simple screen instructions. Tap on the Accept button and let the application finish the installation process. After it’s complete, restore the backup and enjoy using WhatsApp Plus.

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