Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy Note 3 – What You Should Expect From The Upcoming Flagship

In 2013, the Galaxy Note 3 was considered the best Android phone and now, since it was updated to 5.0 Lollipop and its price was cut, this phone is a good deal for those who are not looking for super fast devices and with a high resolution camera. However, the fans are more interested in getting the upcoming Galaxy S6, which will be released this spring, and rumors about its specifications appeared all over the internet, but none of them were confirmed by Samsung.

Release Date

Instead of rushing to buy the Note 3, remember that on March 1, the Galaxy S6 will be officially released, although other rumors are pointing to a later release date. But were pretty sure the flagship will hit the stores in early April.


The Note 3, like every Note model, is intended to satisfy customers who are looking for bigger screens, so the size of Note 3’s is 5.7inches, being capable to support a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels at 386ppi, making it quite hard to hold in one hand, but because not everyone has a long thumb to reach the upper corners of the screen, Samsung paired this device with a S Pen stylus. The Galaxy S6 will most likely have a 5.1inches screen and will probably be released in two variants: a flat one and one that is using two bend edges, but both will use a quad HD resolution. The Note 4 has a 2K resolution, but times are changing and the public demands improvements, so Samsung has no other choice but to comply. The screen will be Super AMOLED, which is famous for the vibrant colors and good contrast.


The Note 3 was well received, featuring a premium design that helped share the pedestal with Apple’s iPhone and HTC’s One. The faux leather with fake stitching is much prettier than the perforated dots from the Galaxy S5, and after realizing the big mistake which cased a decrease in profit, Samsung added metal elements to the next flagships, Galaxy Alpha and Note 4, which feature metallic frames, but their backs are still made of plastic. According to rumors, the Galaxy S6 will have an all-metal design, to be in line with the iPhone 6, and its dimensions might be 143.3×70.8×6.9mm, making it the thinnest Galaxy S device. The Note 3 has a thickness of 8.3 and weights 168grams, but the Galaxy S6 should weight a lot less.


The Note 3 came with an 8MP camera on the back, but with a weaker technology and there’s isn’t much to talk about it. The Galaxy S5 features a better 16MP camera with many features and the same resolution was supported by Note 4’s camera, which benefited from optical image stabilization. We should expect more improvements on the Galaxy S6, which will have either a 16MP or a 20MP back camera with optical image stabilization, while the front camera will be 5MP.


Many users complained against TouchWiz, which wanted it to be float-free, so Samsung is taking into consideration getting rid of many pre-loaded applications, which will be downloaded on demand. Also, it’s expected that the default keyboard will be changes, and also there will be included more themes.

Internal memory

The Note 3 has two variants of expandable internal memories with capacities of 16 and 32GB, which can climb up to 64GB, while the third variant is 64GB and fixed. The Galaxy S6 will probably come in variants of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. It’s not clear if the device will support a microSD card slot or not.


Currently, the Note 3 costs 300 dollars on-contract and on Amazon, the 32GB variant is sold for the price of 530 dollars. We believe that the Galaxy S6 will be priced at 200 dollars with a two year contract, to be close to Apple’s iPhone 6 model.

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