Inbox App – Bundle Up Inbox with Exclusive Features

Gmail is all set for its new venture.

It has recently launched a new app, Inbox, where you can group all the emails similar in nature together and navigate through them easily. The search for emails has never been so easier before. Moreover, you no longer have to regret for erroneously sending email to the wrong person. With the new feature, you can undo the sent email and cover up your mistake.

How to Start Inbox on your Electronic Device

This app is launched over mobile phones and PCs. That means you can read your emails and manage them through any electronic gadget. Request for an invite if you are looking ahead to try this new venture of Gmail. Inbox exclusively runs on Gmail. Hence, you need your Gmail id to avail the benefits of this service. However, if you have not used Gmail yet, you can create an account through Gmail and download Inbox on your device. Keep yourself ready to dive into the new experience of Inbox.

You can see your Gmail mailbox converted to Inbox after you take a tour through this app. You can make it available on personal computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

Set Up a Meeting

Unlike Gmail where you have to search for hours together to find one email, with Inbox you can bundle up similar emails together. You have brand new and out of the box features to save your emails. Never knew storing of emails may also need a test through coordination skills. If you are an adventurous person, you will really fall head over heels for this app as you can bundle up all the trips you went for and the treks you are planning to take. Moreover, you can set a reminder through Inbox if you need to send an email at a particular time. If somebody has asked you to reach a spot at specific time, Inbox by Gmail will suggest you to set up a reminder to avoid missing this meeting.

Delete Unnecessary Emails

Cleaning the mailbox is one hectic job to do. However, Inbox has made it simpler to delete all the emails in one swipe. You can select all the unnecessary emails together and hit the trash icon. In no time, your inbox will be free from trash emails.

Unsent the Sent Email

It is often the case when you are typing the message and unfortunately, hit the send button. You have typed a long message and addressed it to one of your closest friends. However, you sent it, erroneously, to one of your family members. Can you think of the disaster that can pull you in? Hence, to void you run through such situations, Inbox has offered its fans to undo the sent email. Simply click the ‘undo’ option and bring the email back from the receiver’s email box.

With the latest technologies coming up and fast paced life accompanying it, attributes such as undo sent email or reminders to avoid missing up on a meeting relieves a little of stress hovering over our minds. Try Inbox if you have not used it yet. Enjoy its innovative features and have a stress-free life.

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