Facebook Messenger Adds Video Calling to Compete with Skype

Making video calls is fun and it allows you to easily stay in touch with your loved ones.

Following Skype and other popular apps, Facebook Messenger now adds this exciting feature.

The company is definitely keen on competing with some of the biggest players in the industry. First, they decided to remove Facebook chat and put it on an individual app named the Messenger. It was an immediate hit on mobile platforms because instead of having to wade through so many messages and notifications, users can simply find their friends to chat with.

Originally, it was designed to be an user friendly way to communicate with people you love or know without having to log on to the social networking platform. But, things soon changed when it became a standalone text messaging solution of its own.

Facebook Messenger with Video Calls

The official blog announced that Facebook Messenger has now launched video calling services on Android and iOS platforms. It is good to see them bringing these features without making one group of audience wait for a launch. Recently, a lot of apps and its features are being specifically launched on Android first after which it slowly finds its way onto iOS and Windows Phone.

Making video calls on your Messenger app is real easy. While you are conversing with your friend, just tap on the camera icon which will instantly initiate a call. The video icon will be found on the top right corner of your message window using which you can place calls and stay personally in touch with your friends or loved ones.

Every Feature under the Same Roof

Every popular feature which is part of the Facebook Messenger app including real time text messages, smileys and ability to video call is being introduced on the same user interface. The app has received some performance updates, a bunch of bugs have been fixed and it is much better than ever. The company has also launched an exclusive desktop site for Messenger which makes it easier for you to send text messages, chat or make calls without having to log in to the Facebook website.

From the way things are going, Facebook Messenger app is all set to give a tough competition to Skype. Microsoft enjoyed being the solo player in the market when Viber came first to occupy the mobile scenario but now the competition is hot like never before with Messenger and WhatsApp on board.

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