Trouble Downloading From Play Store? Try These Fixes!

For some people, nothing is more exciting than downloading a new app from the Google Play Store. Others prefer downloading TV shows, music, and other media. Most downloads initiate and finish without a hitch, but that’s not always the case. From time to time, users might experience errors and content that simply won’t download. Software glitches tend to cause these issues, and certain factors can contribute to failed downloads. Each person should know their options for fixing these situations right away.

What causes download problems with the Google Play Store?

Numerous factors and issues can cause downloads to fail within Google Play. Most of these problems exist on the device’s side rather than Google’s side. Then again, a simple error from Google’s servers could delay or stop a download. The technical aspects of these failures often bores users, and they only care about getting the content onto their devices. Virtually anything can cause these failed downloads, and most issues have their own specific solutions that rectify the situation sooner rather than later.

Fix #1: Find a better Internet connection.

For starters, a poor Internet connection will stall Google Play downloads. Slow connections can’t download apps and media in a reasonable amount of time. The server could time out the download, or a given connection could seem so slow that it’s not proceeding. On a slow network, larger apps might prove impossible to download, no matter how much time is given. Users should find a more reliable and speedy connection to fix this situation. Download speeds of at least 3.0 megabits per second are recommended.

Fix #2: Close the Play Store or reset the device.

If the Play Store remains open for too long, the app could start experiencing hiccups. Likewise, the same concept applies to a device. Software and hardware require rest from time to time, and this means resetting them never hurts. A download that fails can often be rectified with a soft reset on the app or device. Through this tactic, the memory and cache for the app is dumped so that it restarts anew. Chances are good that the download will proceed without pause after the reset.

Fix #3: Uninstall the updates to Google Play.

In rare cases, a Google Play update could be causing the trouble with downloads. Repeatedly failing downloads, even after trying the previous fixes, could point to corrupted updates. A user should head into the settings for Google Play and uninstall all updates. The default Play Store is likely to handle downloads with ease now. After completing the uninstall, users should then re-install the updates and ensure that they’re applied properly. This option should be considered last because it’s somewhat of a hassle for most users.

Google Play Download Problems Don’t Need To Ruin A Day!

A download that takes ages to finish or simply cuts out randomly can be infuriating. No user wants to have their downloads not complete in a timely manner. With the previously mentioned fixes, most users are going to see their downloads from Google Play run smoothly.

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