LG G3 – 7 Tips to Prolong your Battery Life

LG G3 is one of the most powerful smartphones this company has ever produced.

However, it has a very poor battery life when compared to other flagship models in the smartphone industry.

It has an exceptional combination of a high resolution display screen, a high-performing processor and an exceptional camera, all of which have very huge demands as far as battery power is concerned. Even though this LG flagship comes with a rather decent 3000mAh battery unit, you’ll need to do some tweaks on your G3 smartphone in order to make it last that distance you are headed. Here are a few tips you could put to practice and improve the battery life of your LG G3 smartphone.

Disable ‘auto’ activities

The LG G3 has a display size of 5.5 inches that supports QHD display. If this device has its automatic brightness setting enabled, it’ll definitely burn your battery. In essence, the brighter your screen is, the faster your battery burns. With a minor tweak, you can see a very huge difference. Just turn down the brightness a little bit such that you can still have a comfortable view of your phone content.

Use sleep mode

Of course you don’t always use your phone for every minute of the day. There are times you put it down for some minutes or even hours without touching it. If you are that kind of a person, then you need to turn your phone to sleep mode first so that the display won’t keep running when not in use.

While disabling the adaptive brightness setting in the above step (Settings>Display), make sure to reduce the sleep time interval to a shorter time. This will help a lot in prolonging your battery life.

Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Even though using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your LG G3 and any other smartphone is not very damaging to the battery life as it may thought to be, it is still very much beneficial when they are turned off at times when they aren’t in use. This will help keep your battery going for quite some time.

Disable updating and syncing of apps

Whenever an LG G3 powers on, you’ll notice that there are more than a dozen apps that want to update. You can stop these updates and save them for the time your phone is on charge. If you go ahead and download and install multiple apps, your battery drain is only but increased. Furthermore, you can stop any unnecessary syncing of apps that you don’t need. However, be notified that individual apps syncing has no huge impact on the battery life, however, when the syncing is being done by multiple apps, then there is a cumulatively big difference.

Limiting location services

GPS is a common culprit when talking about excessive battery consumption. This is because this service is not just used by maps; it is also accessed by social networking applications as well as other VoIP apps that also look out for your location. These apps that are trying to work out your location details make use of your battery. However, you can change the settings such that you reduce the usage of this setting and save on your battery life.

In your LG G3 “Settings>Location>Mode”, there are three options; namely High Accuracy, Battery Saving and Device Only. The first option is a battery drainer since it makes use of GPS, mobile network as well as Wi-Fi in working out your position. The second option, which, as the name suggests, is designed for saving your battery life and the third option only makes use of the on-board GPS. You can even decide on turning the whole location services off, but this will mean your device’s capability is limited.

Check your LG G3 battery settings

If you check your G3’s battery settings, you can easily find out which process is the heaviest consumer of your phone’s battery. Go to “Settings>Device>Battery” and from here, you can pick on the battery hogs and even stop some of them.

You can also click on the dotted icon located at the upper right end of the screen and a Battery Saver option will show up. Enabling this option will help a lot in reducing the battery drain of your LG G3 smartphone as it will turn off some apps, disable syncing of certain apps, reduce the screen brightness as well as the phone’s vibration and even stop data usage. This will only happen when your battery life is almost running out, either at 5% or 15%. You can also choose never to go into Battery Saver mode.

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