Minecraft PS3 + PS4 – Update in 2015


Minecraft for PlayStation is an exciting game with a lot of work and possibility behind it. Despite both the PS3 and PS4 versions releasing in the last year or so, they’re both at the same level of development as the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions. What makes this more exciting is the year of 2015, and what it looks to be bring to Minecraft for the PS3 and the PS4.

After all the bugs are fixed from the most recent version of the game, 4J Studios will be right at work at the next update, currently just referred to as 1.14 or TU21. This update hasn’t had all of it details confirmed, but as the current version is equivalent to the PC version 1.6, the next update will include all the features from 1.7 on the PC, and potentially a lot of 1.8 features too. Today, we’ll be listing just the confirmed features, coming 1.7.

First of all, a big new feature is the addition of two new wood types; dark oak and acacia trees. These add more building possibilities when it comes to natural, wooden designs. This comes in the form of a much darker wood than we’ve seen before, and a much more orange, lighter wood than currently exists.

To facilitate these new trees the number of biomes in the game is more than doubled with this update. This means the world will generate with much more variety, and instead of just getting the same old jungle, hills, plains, desert and snow mix which worlds are currently made of, each world is full of exciting possibilities and new blocks, such as the mesa biome which brings red sand and hardened clay, the Savannah biome which brings a new tree and a new way to experience NPC villages and find horses. There are also slightly more wacky biomes like ice spikes and roofed forest, making your Minecraft world much more interesting.

A new world to explore is not where this ends though. The update overhauled the fishing system currently in the game, which is mainly used to tame cats and doesn’t see much actual use. The new system brings in 3 more types of fish, which allow you to fish for good food, fish for taming cats or fish for rare drops like the name tags and brand new potion ingredients.

Speaking of new potions, this update also brings in the water breathing potion, a brand new way to breathe under water without needing enchantments, and a very nice feature to stock up on before guardians come. There is also stained glass, a colourful new way to decorate the world.

In addition to all these blocks, new biomes and fishing system is one of the most exciting or terrifying world options yet; amplified. This significantly increases the height limit for the naturally spawning world, creates villages with massive craters between them and massive sudden drops, this world is very difficult to navigate.

Therefore this next update is a very exciting new prospect for Minecraft PlayStation players, and you can expect it as some point in 2015!


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