WhatsApp Messenger Free Download – Do You Really Need It?

No one can dispute the fact that WhatsApp Messenger is a very popular IM in the messaging world.

With a user base of over 800 million users, there is no other instant messaging app that has ever managed such mind-boggling figures.

There are very high chances that you already have WhatsApp free download installed on your phone. One weird thing about WhatsApp’s development is that it’s not the only messenger on offer. There are also other players in the industry that offer almost the same features as this Facebook-owned app, while the others offer much better services and features even. However, this application has managed to stand its ground thanks to the many amazing and unique messaging experience it offers.

But is this reason enough for everyone to have WhatsApp installed on their smartphones? Well, keep reading to find out more.

WhatsApp is the best alternative for expensive traditional SMS and phone calls

WhatsApp has been very successful at ousting telecom carriers from the helm of proving communication services with respect to voice calls and SMS. In the past, no one could ever imagine that users could exchange free messages over the internet, using their numbers and without paying the exorbitant charges that were levied by telecom carriers. It was even harder to think of free voice and video calls ever happening over phones.

However, WhatsApp has made this a reality and now the users of the app can forget about using traditional SMS and phone calls, which were very expensive when compared to what WhatsApp offers. All the users need is a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection to make free voice calls and send free messages, be it text, voice, video or pictures. To add to that the app is available for free and it levies no extra charges for contacting anyone living outside your country.

Intuitive user interface

The interface you get on WhatsApp is very simple and easy to use. Even though the app is free, there are no ads on the screen like with the case of many free apps. Navigating the app is also very easy as everything is located within a tap-of-a-button’s’ reach. The home page comes with three tabs – Calls, Chats and Contacts – and when you tap on the menu, you will get more options for settings, account profile and more.

It doesn’t matter whether you are tech savvy or not, you will find using WhatsApp to be very easy.

WhatsApp can be installed on most devices

The good thing about WhatsApp is that it can be downloaded and installed on a variety of devices, running on different operating systems. This is one reason this app is very popular as it can be installed on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, Nokia and Windows Phone; be it a tablet or smartphone. Furthermore, there is a WhatsApp Web PC client that allows users of other supported platforms apart from iOS to use this application on their desktops. According to WhatsApp, there are Apple platform limitations that prevent users of iOS to access the services of WhatsApp Web on their PCs.

Free WhatsApp voice calls

Other than just sending free instant messages to other users of the app, it is also possible for the same users to enjoy free WhatsApp calls between each other. Using the same internet connection, you will no longer need to buy airtime for calling as this will take care of everything. This is a lot cheaper than using local telecom carriers to make calls, especially when calling an overseas number.

Bottom line

From the above, it is definite that you should install this WhatsApp application on your Android smartphone right away. You can join the millions who enjoy the free services of this app to connect with their friends, family and relatives from all parts of the world. Since the app only requires your phone number, it will be very easy for anyone who has your number to find you on the messenger. The same will also happen for you as you will be able to find anyone on WhatsApp as long as you have their phone numbers.

Remember, WhatsApp is only free for the first one year and after that, you will be asked to pay a very small fee of $0.99 per year.

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