Viber For iPad Download Available – Video Chatting On iPad and iPhone

We have some good news for all you Viber aficionados. Based on several tests, deactivating Viber on your mobile device is not a must in order for it to function on the tablet.

The newest version of Viber gives you a free pass to sing into the IM app from your iPad. Now, it sends 4 numbers to your iPhone for a full verification. You will have to enter those numbers into the application and that’s it, you’re all set to start using Viber on your iPad.

Video Chatting on your iPad with Viber

Even if this update is new, the only thing that is crucial here is the support for iPad devices, no other features have been added. But, this new update should definitely be appreciated, because it will make a difference. You can start a video chat with your peers and enjoy a full screen chat version. With the iPad’s big screen, there is no need to keep on scrolling down or up to see older messages. Neat, isn’t it?

Viber and the iPad: SOS

It’s a big thing that this update offers support for iPad gizmos, but there is still an issue here. There is no way the app can be operating on your iPhone and your iPad all at once. Viber’s restrictions are to be blamed here. So users will need to disable Viber on their iOS gizmos before enabling it on the bigger one. In order to do this, follow these instructions:

  • Head on to More Options menu (this is done on your current gizmo) then choose Settings, head on to Privacy and finally click on Deactivate Account.

If this enable and disable procedure doesn’t bother you then it’s all good. Think of all the perks that this new update brings, not to mention the fact that its way more fun to use a bigger screen to chat with your friends. Viber is ready to be used for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and you can get your hands on it by heading to the App Store.

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