Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition Contents Confirmed, Not Designed for Large Phones

The smartphones releasing these days are too large and if you are a Fallout 4 fan planning to insert your huge phone into the pip-boy, get ready to face disappointment.

Besides confirming some nice details related to the contents of the limited edition game, the developers Bethesda also confirmed that the phones that are huge, probably bigger than 6-inch are never going to find their place inside the wrist console. The company added that they have made it in a way that the iPhones from 4-inch screens all the way up to the new iPhone 6 will work with the pip-boy. But, the iPhone 6 Plus won’t and so won’t many other phones that have huge, wide displays designed to mimic a tablet. And, if you have been using phablets or planning to purchase one, you can obviously forget about using them with this new gadget.

Designed for Fallout Fans

Bethesda didn’t make die-hard fans wait for months or years, but made them stand on their toes for over seven years. It is pure torture until Fallout 4 was revealed a couple of days before E3 2015, much to the relief of most gamers. Forums and social networking websites faced a lot of hoaxes in the past, because many tried to dupe the audience with fake announcements. The one held by the survivor guy was really elaborate that most believed it to be real.

After creating so much chaos, it looks like the Pip-Boy special edition version of the game is like a thanksgiving to those fans who stood by their side all these years. While stocks have already depleted in most regions, new ones are being filled in and chances are you might be able to import some of them from other regions for a higher price.

Contents of the Pip-Boy Edition

Fallout 4 Pip-Boy limited collector’s edition consists of a huge storage box named the capsule case. It lets you safely store your wearable pip-boy and keep it brand new for years to come. To store the pip boy out of the box, it also comes with a robco industries stand. It comes in handy if you like to showcase your purchase to visitors and there’s also the pocket guide that details you on how to use the wearable. The vault perk poster which is bundled is awesome and the edition also has a special edition copy of the game in a metal case.

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