Minecraft Xbox 360 TU20 Features

If you’ve been playing Minecraft Xbox 360 for a while now you’ll have noticed the long time in between updates, with the game going from updates multiple times a year to just a single major update in the past year. However the next major update, currently just called TU20 is shaping up to be an update more than worth the wait from what we’ve seen so far.

The biggest piece of confirming news we’ve seen so far comes straight from developers of the game, 4JStudios. They announced that the Minecraft Xbox 360 TU20 update would be the equivalent of 1.6.4 on the PC. This may not sound like a particularly important piece of news, but currently the xbox is at 1.3 from PC, meaning this update actually includes 3 updates in one!

So, what can we expect to be coming as TU20 features? First of all, everything from the 1.4 update is included. Although this is the smallest of the three, it includes exciting new mobs like the witches and wither skeletons, alongside some interesting additions to the base game, like beacons which give you amazing buffs and the ability for zombies to pick up armor and swords.

Most interesting of all is the addition of the wither boss, one of the hardest mobs to kill in the game that requires either some seriously enchanted weapons and armor, or some friends to help out. This gives you another survival goal to aim towards and really adds length to the actual objectives of the game.

The second update included is the 1.5 update, also known as the redstone update. This update entirely changed redstone from being a digital signal to having multiple ways to input, for instance having a pressure plate which has more signal based on the number of items or a daylight sensor which sends more signal at the peak of day, so you can have your doors lock at a certain time of day.

In addition to an overhaul of the redstone system, it also included hoppers which allow you to automatically move items into chests and furnaces, and droppers which are a simplified version of the dispenser. Finally, this update includes a few new interesting blocks like the redstone block and new mine carts.

So, what about the final update, the 1.6 update? This one is known as the horse update, and so its most prominent feature is probably quite obvious to you; horses. In addition to horses, there are donkeys which move slower and hold chests, and mules which can be bred with both of these combined.

In addition to a new way to transport around the place, TU20 will also bring with it a new set of clay, the hardened clay which can be colored however you want, and it will improve golden apples to add extra health. As well as this, there are a lot of horse related features like horse armour and also a way to group coal into blocks for more efficient smelting!

As you can probably tell, this is going to be quite some update, really adding a lot to be excited about for Minecraft Xbox 360! The update doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet, but you can expect it to arrive at some point in early 2015.

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