WhatsApp Hiding Images And Videos From Gallery

WhatsApp has 800 million users who send messages every day, no matter if they’re texts, photos, audio or video files. However, when chatting individually or in groups and someone shares media content, it appears in the Gallery and most likely, you don’t want images and videos from your friends to show up in your Gallery. If you want to see only pictures and videos captured with your camera or received via Bluetooth, there’s a method that you can use and we’ll tell you about it below.

WhatsApp has many advantages, but disadvantages as well. For example, if you’re connected to a wireless network and you chat with friends who share media content, it appears in the gallery and you someone borrows your phone for a few minutes, he/she can take a peek at the latest images that you’ve received from your contacts. To hide WhatsApp content from gallery, follow these steps:

– Open File Explorer on your smartphone,
– Go to the WhatsApp folder from the File Manager,
– Open the Media folder.

In there, you will see your WhatsApp content, including images and videos shared by your friends. The WhatsApp images folder will be renamed to .WhatsApp images, and this way, you will hide WhatsApp images from your gallery. To hide WhatsApp videos, rename the WhatsApp Videos folder to .WhatsApp Videos. Next, go to Settings-> Apps manager and in the All section you will find your gallery. Click on it and scroll down until you’ll find the option to clear cache. Click on it to clear it and that’s it! You will no longer see WhatsApp content displayed there and you will avoid embarrassing situations with your nosy friends, who like to explore your phone’s content.

Remember that on WhatsApp, you can send media file with a size of up to 16MB and after one year of free usage, you will need to pay an annual fee of 0.99 dollars, to keep your account. WhatsApp is compatible with smartphones running on iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone, Symbian and Nokia S40.

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