Gmail Free Download App – Use the Lab Attributes To Get Things Done Faster

The add-on features of Gmail make it a powerful platform for online communication.

Its lab offers many productive contrivances that can make your emailing faster. The Archive and the Send buttons were a couple of Gmail Labs’ attributes which is now used by everybody. However, it would be a testing ground if you have not yet used any of its latest features, as you would like the way it simplifies your emailing process. Have a look at how you can enable the lab features and make use of it to enhance the style of every email.

Enable Gmail Lab

Gmail offers you some options for setting up the email page. To enable its lab features, click on Settings of your Gmail pane, choose ‘Labs’ from the list. Scroll down and select whatever options you are comfortable and are excited to use by clicking the ‘Enable’ button. Do not forget to save the changes you have made by punching in the tab ‘Save Changes’.

Undo the Sent Emails

We all have regretted at least once to send the email to a wrong person. You are in a hurry, write a long message, type in the initials of the receiver and hit the send button. You then realize that you should not have had trusted your impulse as though you typed in the right initials, you sent it to another person. At such times, you feel incapable and crippled, as you cannot pull the email out of the inbox of the wrong receiver. To avoid such mishaps, Gmail Labs has invented to undo the sent email. You will have a grace period of five to thirty seconds to reroute the sent email back to your email box. All you need to do is just hit the ‘undo’ button, which is reflected on the right side of the wrong sender’s name. Also to that, you can even set the grace period under the ‘Settings’ tab.

Pre-Set Reply

Instant replying has never been so easy after Gmail lab has introduced a new feature of saving canned responses and sending it with one click. You are in a meeting and want to reply to an email urgently. It is a little difficult to type and reply at such situations. Hence, with the newest feature of Gmail you can type in a message and save it for later use. Open the new email, click on ‘Canned Responses’ which is to the bottom left a corner of your Gmail panel. Type the message as a proper name and save it. If you want to use it anytime, just click on the arrow to the bottom left corner again and hit the send button.

Preview the Email

Earlier, until you opened the messaged, you were unable to understand what was in it. Hence, to give a customized look to your emails, Gmail Lab has added in an add-on, which will give you a preview of the email at the right side of the email list. You can select the preview to look horizontally or vertically according to your comfort.

Gmail Labs are trying to make everything more compatible and easy for the users. Hence, you can try all the latest attributes that can help you in customizing Gmail according to your comfort level and do not make a mess with important emails.

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