Elon Musk’s TruthGPT Set to Release Soon – Here’s What You Need to Know

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Elon Musk claims he plans to launch TruthGPT soon. What Musk really wants to do, though, is to compete with Google and OpenAI. Plans for a new AI business aren’t actually a surprise for anyone, especially coming from Musk. However, things might be a bit intriguing this time around. How’s so? Well, in order to “create a third option” for a business that may compete with Google, for instance, then OpenAI, the CEO of Twitter, gave us a sneak peek into his work.

Musk said that his fears about the future of AI and the danger it may provide to humans were actually his driving force. In case you didn’t know, he helped launch OpenAI back in 2015 and was one of its early supporters. However, he reportedly disagreed with Sam Altman over who should lead the organization, and as a result, he cut ties with it.

His more recent actions, including attacking OpenAI for partnering with Microsoft and setting out a for-profit company, make us believe that his intentions are truly different from others.

Musk also stated in a Fox News interview that he is considering naming the project “TruthGPT.” When asked about the project’s goal, he said that the objective was:

[to develop] maximum truth-seeking AI that tries to understand the nature of the universe; […], and that he also believes the project, hopefully does more good than harm.

Although it’s unclear how Musk’s AI efforts would influence Twitter, he did hint at a future addition to the popular social platform. According to him, Twitter is working on a feature that would let users choose to optionally encrypt their direct conversations. What’s best is that the feature should air soon, possibly later this month, “but no later than next month.”

Where do you think all these AI projects and developments lead to?

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