WhatsApp Free Ultimate Android Material Design – Come And Get It

If you have been using WhatsApp on an Android device, then it’s safe to say that you were part of the long waiting list. Android users have been waiting a long time for the newest WhatsApp upgrade to be available on their handsets, quickly after the big announcement regarding the call feature was official.

The voice call feature was quickly adopted by all WhatsApp devotees. Shortly after, WhatsApp rolled out the revamped Material Design, another major upgrade. This state of the art user interface has been submitted to a few tests over the past several months. And now, it is up and running and it is accessible for everyone in the Google Play Store.

Google also come out with a new Material Design back in 2014, when Android Lollipop was the talk of the town. The design brings improvements concerning the animations, color and the general layout of the application. Users can notice a few additional buttons in the chat, buttons which will permit you to record a particular voice message. The information regarding the group chats and the profiles have a much sleeker format as well.

So, in order for the apps to be true to type with the Material Design user interface of the new Android 5.0 version, all the developers made the necessary upgrades to their apps in order to match this new UI.

So, it should come as no surprise that WhatsApp went through the same process for Android devices. But for the past several of months, WhatsApp has been submitted to various tests and trials. Those who are interested must set up the app by hand and only then, can they initiate the sideloading process. It might sound easy in theory, but if this is your first time handling this kind of operation, it can get a bit overwhelming and confusing. But, this is currently a thing of the past, since the new Material Design can now be set-up directly from the Google Play Store.

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