Flappy Bird vs. Crossy Road vs. Tap Titans: Tap Games That Will Hook You Up

Flappy Bird vs. Crossy Road vs. Tap Titans: Tap Games That Will Hook You Up 

One-tap games can really be extremely fun and this is due to the fact that they use up very little of your effort when playing them, yet at the same time they provide you with some of the best entertainment, which is also very addicting.

With the help of just a single finger, it is possible to defeat the titans, avoid famished animals/creatures, and shoot lots of enemy ships and so much other stuff. This might sound so simple in a way, mainly because these games involve only a single movement, but honestly, they can be very difficult.

Three of the best one-touch games are Flappy Bird, Crossy Road and Tap Titans. These games are also very addictive once you start playing them, so get ready for long hours of slaying titans, shooting down ships and escaping the wrath of some angry creatures that come your way.

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is a very addictive game. Although it has a very exciting start, you would be left with a beleaguered mind in addition to a negligible score if you don’t play your cards well. Here, you need to tap on the screen and in the process help the bird fly through gaps that are between two pipes.

As earlier noted, playing one-touch games might seem very simple before you try one, and so is Flappy Bird; but in the long run, you’ll realize that this game is very difficult and frustrating at the same time, yet too addictive. Keep in mind that one simple mistake and the bird is dead, which means the game is over!

Crossy Road

In Crossy Road, the player is in charge of chicken and other animals that the player must help to cross the road. This road is not just a simple road; it is full of highways, rivers as well as railroads. While you might think helping these animals cross the road to the other end is just a simple task, when you try it, you’ll find out that it’s not that an easy job.

The difficulty of the game comes in where you end up not crossing the road in under a few seconds as an eagle will fly your way. With an eagle coming in the direction of chickens, you can only imagine of what would take place. One way or the other, your character will come across the eagle as it will be hit by trucks, trains, cars or fall into the water.

Tap Titans

Tap Titans is a clicker game and with it, you’ll definitely feel guilty for being in too much enjoyment. All you need to do is tap on the evil titans so that the hero, who is your character, successfully slays these titans and saves the world. You’ll also come across Titan bosses whom you must defeat in less than 30 seconds, which makes the game even harder.

With playing Tap Titans, the further you go, the harder the game becomes, but which game doesn’t get more fun with each level of difficulty?

Other than slay Titans, you can also collect gold, acquire more heroes, activate power ups and skills, and most interestingly, you can summon artifacts that install special powers to your heroes. This game won’t disappoint you in any way.

Bottom line

Flappy Bird, Crossy Road and Tap Titans can all be downloaded from the official Google Play Store for users of Android devices while those on iOS devices can get these games from the official iTunes App Store. The good thing is that you can get each of them for free, but you’ll end up paying for some in-app purchases.

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