WhatsApp Free Download: Can it be used on a Non-Jailbroken iPad?

Apple is one of the best manufacturers of smartphones, tablets and computers as well.

What has made this company stay on top, with its unmatched brands, is its ability to keep its brand image, ahead of everything.

Apple is a leading innovator and it is this innovation that has enabled them beat competitors like Google and Microsoft in this very highly competitive technological world. The latest smartphone from Apple is the iPhone 6, which came with a variant that took the title of iPhone 6 Plus. When talking of iPads, the current flagship is the iPad Air 2, which happens to be one of the best creations by this Cupertino Company.

Apple has its own messaging platform known as the iMessage. Using this application, Apple users can keep in touch with each other, without any problems. However, it is not possible to send messages to persons who are not using iPhones. It is for this reason that WhatsApp is doing amazingly well on this platform. While WhatsApp has traditionally been known to be a phone-based application, it is now possible to download and install it on your latest iPad Air 2 without even jailbreaking the tablet.

Requirements for installing WhatsApp on iPad Air 2

As earlier noted, WhatsApp has no official version for tablets and it is still a phone-based app, especially for iPhone users. This is true because it is only the Android and Windows Phone users who are able to access the WhatsApp Web feature on their desktops.

The good thing with installing WhatsApp on your iPad Air 2 is that you won’t have to go through the hassle of jailbreaking it. Instead, all you need is an iPhone, a PC and an application known as iFunBox, which can be downloaded from the official i-funbox.com website.

Install the iFunBox app on your PC and connect your iPad using a USB cable. Using iTunes; download WhatsApp and install it on your iPad. Find the WhatsApp.ipa file that is under the “Home>Music>iTunes>iTunes Media>Mobile Applications” when using Mac and the same is under “C>Users>Username>My Music>iTunes>iTunes Media>Mobile Applications” when using Windows PC. Drag or copy the WhatsApp file onto your desktop and then start the iFunBox app. Click on “Install app” and then open the saved WhatsApp.ipa file to install it on your iPad Air 2.

After installing the latest WhatsApp on your iPad, go to your iPhone and install WhatsApp as well. Using the usual steps, activate your WhatsApp account and then connect your iPhone to the same PC or Mac. Simply browse to “User Applications>WhatsApp” and copy/paste the WhatsApp Library and Documents files onto your PC. Unplug the iPhone and connect your iPad Air 2. Browse to “User Applications>WhatsApp” and delete the folder with Library and Document files. Follow this action by copy/pasting the folder saved on your PC to the same WhatsApp folder. This will enable WhatsApp to use the new files and run smoothly on your iPad as if it were running on an iPhone.

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