Minecraft Holo Lens Version is Under Development by Mojang, Microsoft Confirmed

Everyone loves Minecraft because the pixelated game has so much of soul and gameplay integrated in to it that you could have endless hours of fun, simply cruising through the green land or trying to survive from a zombie attack.

But, no one expected Mojang to be purchased by Microsoft. And, it was even more surprising when the announcement was made that they are going to build a game exclusively for the Holo Lens which is capable of projecting the virtual world onto a real world, empty desk. The demonstration given by the company during the E3 2015 conference was simply mind blowing. While some critics claim that it may not be as good as it looked on stage, it definitely is a good start for holographic and it may not be long before Stars Wars becomes a daily affair for people to speak to digital images of their loved ones.

Creating a Virtual Minecraft Projection

The Holo Lens is still under development and if you have been wondering if it has anything to do with the Oculus Rift, be clear that virtual reality is completely different from holograms. Microsoft is trying to create a different augmented world where you will be able to change real life objects into digital screens. You can choose a table and spread every Minecraft map on to it, to start building the dream castle with simple hand gestures.

Similarly, you will be able to project a 100-inch display onto a plain wall and watch your favorite movie with surround sound experience. Everything about the new technology is awesome and it is possible that Minecraft is going to be the first game to make its way to this holographic head mounted projector.

More Titles on the Way

If there is one thing that Microsoft was clear about, during the E3 presentation, it is that they have finally realized the Xbox One console and Windows 10 are their own products. Games that get launched on both these platforms at once are expected to be on the rise soon, so as to compete with Sony and streaming is now possible to your Windows PC. You can definitely expect more Holo Lens games and apps to launch in the near future.

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