Ascend Mate 7 vs iPhone 6 Plus – Ten Reasons To Buy The Huawei Phablet

The iPhone 6 Plus started on the wrong foot, being criticized over its bendability, cameras have the same resolution as the predecessor and the list of cons can continue, but we’ll give ten example of minuses for the Apple phablet and we’ll make you understand that it’s always about the brand. A Chinese product can be better in many ways and we have the perfect suggestion for you: Huawei’s Ascend Mate 7.

The Mate 7 is shorter, but has a bigger display

The height of the Ascend Mate 7 is 157mm, being 1.1mm shorter than the iPhone 6 Plus, but has a 6inches display instead of 5.5inches, but we already seen the video with the Apple smartphone bending under pressure and many users are afraid not to break their devices. The screens are both IPS LCD and support the same resolution of 1080×1920 pixels.

Thicker but thinner

The Mate 7 has a thickness of 7.8mm, with 0.6mm more than the iPhone 6 Plus, but because it’s curvier on the edges, it measures 2.3mm.

A better screen ratio

Since the Mate 7 has a screen of 6inches and the iPhone 6 Plus comes with a 5.5inches screen, the Huawei phablet has a screen ratio of 83%, instead of 73%.

Which one has a better LCD screen?

Definitely the Mate 7, because it’s the first smartphone which benefits from IPS-NEO LCD technology, which offers better viewing angles, a higher image quality with better contrast and 15 percent lower power consumption.

Bigger battery

The Mate 7 sports a non-removable battery of 4100 mAh which lasts two days under normal usage, while the iPhone 6 Plus provides a non-removable battery of 2915 mAh which can last 24 hours if talking on 3G continuously.

The battery doesn’t heat up

Many smartphones have this heating problem and the iPhone 6 Plus was criticized for this issue when it’s used excessively. It seems that the Mate 7 obtained better results when being tested by different reviewers.

Higher camera resolution

The Mate 7 is equipped with a 13MP rear camera which doesn’t bulge out, although the lens is wide and rectangular. The iPhone 6 Plus has a smaller rounded rear camera of 8MP which bulges out a bit.

Internet Speed

If you’re addicted to social media websites or you’re browsing different websites, you’ll need a high speed. The iPhone 6 Plus comes with LTE CAT 4 which has a speed of 150Mbps, while the Mate 7 has improved LTE CAT 6 with a double speed.

Android vs iOS

The Android interface is preferred by most of the tech geeks, but Huawei was sly and design the home screen features based on Apple’s iOS, but it runs on v4.4.2 (KitKat) with Emotion UI 3.0 on top of it. The new version of the Mate 7 will be capable to support two operating systems.

Dual SIM

If you have two SIM cards and you’re looking for a phone that supports dual SIM, then the Mate 7 offers this option. If you’ll buy the iPhone 6 Plus, you’ll need a secondary phone for the other SIM card.


The cheapest iPhone 6 Plus costs 749 dollars off contract, for the 16GB variant and you’ll add 100 dollars for every bigger memory capacity. The Mate 7 32GB with 3GB of RAM costs 866 dollars.

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