WhatsApp Free Download Bluetooth App to Send Messages Without Internet

WhatsApp is a pretty renowned app by now. Using this app, users can significantly scale down their expenses, when it comes to sending text messages.

With WhatsApp, you can send all kinds of video and audio files to your other WhatsApp contacts. Currently, users have the ability to make voice calls with this app. WhatsApp is widely used on smatphone devices, thus facilitating the communication process. If you don’t have WhatsApp set-up on your phone, download it for free. Messages can be immediately sent through this app, but before you do so, you must have an internet connection or a Wi-Fi one. But what if now users can send messages through this app,

without this internet connection? Are you blown away right now?

How to use WhatsApp Bluetooth App

WhatsApp Bluetooth App is accessible on all devices running on Android. This is also cost free, if you wish to download it. So, before you get started, make sure your Android gizmo is updated to the 2.0.1 OS version. Then go ahead and set-up the app on your device. You can initiate this process by going to the Android Market and simply look up the Bluetooth. You should also be able to see an entire list of Bluetooth apps. Go directly to WhatsApp Bluetooth App and install it on your Android mobile phone.

Once you are notified that the installation process is over, begin by messaging your friends without having to connect to the internet. This is possible because WhatsApp will use the Bluetooth connection. So, here is a simple method which can help you cut back on your internet expenses. Not bad right? You won’t even have to worry about paying that annual fee consisting of $0.99 after the trial period is over. So need more arguments? Start downloading WhatsApp Bluetooth App and enjoy sending and receiving messages for free.

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