A Comprehensive Guide for Google Maps for Beginners

If you want to appreciate how technology has evolved, just think of Google Maps and of how it has made the lives of many people easier with its turn-by-turn navigation and other features.

Gone are the days when you had to print out MapQuest pages, buy one of those paper maps or worse, ask someone for directions. All these methods worked just fine but they take more preparations than really needed, and, if you’re terribly shy, asking other people is just not an option. Now, it’s as simple as getting your smartphone and tapping on your screen to get you to your destination.

Google Maps Tips

For those who don’t know, Google Maps is not just a navigation tool that you can use to search for routes that will take you from point A to point B. Google Maps has other features that would make your whole trip hassle-free. There are Google Maps tricks that you need to know so you can get the best use of Google’s navigation app.

Zoom In or Out Using One Finger

You must know that with Google Maps, it’s always about zooming in or out using the pinch-to-zoom control. However, there may be times where you only have one free hand to use. You can still zoom in or out by double tapping the screen, but don’t let go after the second tap and instead drag your finger down to zoom in or up to zoom out.

Use Google Maps Offline

You may be going to a remote area where an internet connection is not guaranteed and you need to use the navigation app to find a certain place. What you need to do is download the map of the area when you still have an internet connection and view it later once you get to the remote place. This means you can still view the saved map even without a working internet connection. After searching for the place, type the words “OK Maps” on the search bar. This will save the map on your device.

Find Flights

You can also search for flights using Google Maps on your web browser. Use the same process you use for finding driving directions and you will also see the option to view the results on Google Flights. This will direct you to a page where you can view different flights by selecting the date of the trip. A list of available flights will appear filtered by airlines, times, price, and more.

Look for Upcoming Events

When visiting a place, do you often find yourself looking for different activities or events to attend? Google Maps has made it more convenient for you to find upcoming events in any area you’re in. Using the desktop version of Google Maps, type the name of the venue and scroll the page to the bottom until you find the tab that says “Upcoming Events”. Tap on the tab to find a list of upcoming events for the said venue. If you find an event you want to attend, just select the event and Google Maps will even direct you to a page where you can buy tickets.

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