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Free messaging apps contain various options for users to personalize their profiles and the app itself. Fortunately, WhatsApp allows users to tweak these aspects with relative ease. Not everyone likes using the default backgrounds and wallpapers found here after all. Creative users often love crafting their own backgrounds or downloading them from somewhere else. Therefore, each user should consider changing the default wallpaper to their preferred image. Quite a few options are available for WhatsApp backgrounds today.

Then again, any and all images can be used as a wallpaper in WhatsApp.

What are WhatsApp backgrounds and wallpapers?

When users open up WhatsApp, they’re presented with the app’s dashboard. Typically, the dashboard is relatively plain and doesn’t feature a true wallpaper. Users can easily change the background to a picture or image of their choosing, though. It’s never a bad idea to change this image in order to add a personal touch to the app. In doing so, a given person can make the app a little more interesting looking while they’re chatting with friends. The best images are formatted for the dimensions of the app itself.

Here are some of the best WhatsApp wallpapers available right now:

Parental Advisory

This WhatsApp background helps users show they mean business. It’s a classic take on the parental advisory warning found on explicit CDs. With this wallpaper, a user shows that he or she likes to live life on the edge. Nobody likes to appear boring to others, and this image says the exact opposite about a person. Everyone can identify the advisory warning label from its traditional use, too.

Starbucks Coffee

Millions of people like Starbucks coffee, and now WhatsApp users can show the company some love. By changing the background to this image, everyone will know that a given user likes drinks from Starbucks. It takes the iconic Starbucks logo and makes it into a unique graphic that’s simple but attractive.

Stay Strong

Sometimes, people need a little motivation in their lives, and that’s what this Stay Strong background is all about. This attractive design will greet a person whenever they open WhatsApp. A little glimmer of inspiration on a constant basis can help a person achieve great things. Otherwise, the wallpaper is perfect for the app background.

Your Voice Is My Favorite Sound

For lovestruck individuals, few WhatsApp wallpapers are a better option than this one. The image speaks for itself and reminds users why they’re with the person they care about most. Each person can see this wallpaper as they’re messaging another person through the platform. Plus, it’s an attractive wallpaper even without the text.

Put Up A Wallpaper on WhatsApp Today!

All users can change their WhatsApp wallpaper in the app within a few seconds. From there, a person can choose a background that helps identify themselves. Utilizing a unique wallpaper is always a good idea, but thousands of pre-made images are already available, too. Nobody should leave their WhatsApp background as the default image because it’s boring and none too exciting.

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