WhatsApp Free Download vs. Instagram – The Best Photo Sharing Apps Compared

Social networking has become an integral part of today’s generation.

This has grown to become something for everyone, despite of the ages. There are heated battles between hundreds of applications as to which will become the ultimate social sharing messenger.

WhatsApp free download is the latest talk on every person’s lips and it is no doubt this is happening since this application houses one of the largest user bases as far as internet communication is concerned. WhatsApp has become a crucial element of every phone owner’s social life. Using this application, it is possible to share messages in form of texts, videos as well as voice notes. This instant messaging application also lets users share photos and other media content in addition to recently adding a voice calling feature to its already amazing platform.

Instagram is a leading application as far as sharing of photos is concerned. In fact, this application has been recognized as the top provider of instant image sharing services in the current highly competitive market. However, WhatsApp free download is proving to be a tough contender in the photo sharing niche and in the recent past, it has managed to take up quite a large percentage of the market

Honestly, when talking of numbers; Instagram is nowhere near WhatsApp. This is one reason most experts believe that WhatsApp free download has the chance to overtake Instagram to the title of the best photo sharing application, both for the iOS and Android devices. It is kind of hard to believe this for some Instagram enthusiasts, considering the many capabilities that this photo sharing application comes with. To try and put these two apart, here is a closer look at five key areas of WhatsApp free download and Instagram.

User interface

WhatsApp free download has been gaining its large user base partly because of its simplicity of use. This starts from the user interface, which offers a non-congested interface with everything you need at a glance or just a touch away. This application has no ads on its interface and as such, it’s very clean.

There is very little difference between the UI of these two, with Instagram having an equally user-friendly interface that is also very highly intuitive and straightforward to use. Instagram comes with a few controls at the top of the window which are pretty much self-explanatory.

Unlike Instagram which comes with a number of filters and options for adjusting photos, there is no such thing in WhatsApp that impedes the usage of the messenger. In essence, Instagram might seem a little trickier than WhatsApp, but taking control of the situation shouldn’t take you days, just like with the case of WhatsApp free download. However, the latter seems a little easier for starters than Instagram.


Both WhatsApp free download and Instagram can be used on mobile phones and computers as well. Just recently, WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp Web PC client, which users can use to access WhatsApp messages from their PCs. Likewise, Instagram users can still access their photo feeds via a PC. Just like WhatsApp, which will require your phone’s app in order to relay messages on a PC, Instagram still needs its phone app to send photos too.


WhatsApp free download usually compresses the pictures and other files in order to send them to the desired recipients. The end product of this is usually a poor quality picture for the recipient. This is something that you won’t experience with Instagram, even though this photo sharing app also scales down its images.

The advantage of Instagram is that it scales down its photos without compressing them, thus, this has little effect on the end quality of the file, even though it may look a little smaller at times.


WhatsApp free download is only available as a freeware for the first one year. The second and subsequent years are supposed to be paid for, but at a nominal fee of $0.99 per year. For this small amount, you will get a clean interface that has no any form of ads.

On the contrary, Instagram is supported by ads. However the application strives to maintain an amazing balance, aesthetically; sometimes, these ads do get in the way of using the app. The good thing is that this messenger is available as a free app.

Number of users

WhatsApp free download is a clear winner in this aspect, featuring a user base of over 700 million, compared to Instagram, which has a little over 300 million users across the globe.


WhatsApp free download and Instagram are two of the best photo sharing applications. Even though Instagram will offer you a better image quality, it’s a little slower than WhatsApp. However, the latter happens to be on the losing end when talking of quality images. Better still, you can make use of both apps.

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